xp locking on any thing


max man 3d

XP is locking on any thing and every thing.Play games lock,Use Photoshop lock,On the net lock,But this don't have a
time to when it is going to do it .

I have add this problem for at lest two months or more and I just can not put my finger on the problem..
At first I was thinking that it was the video card which was a geforce 3.So I got an other one and now running geforce 4 with 28.32.
But the god dam thing is still locking up.So I was thinking it must be ram ,So I try swapping them around and even take some out and just have 128 in there but still locks up no matter what I do..Up dated all the bits and bob from Microsoft site..Up dated sound drivers too.Done the bios on the mother board which is an abit se6 by the way..

I done a ram diagnostics too and that all came back as passed..
There is all so one other thing that I am having a problem
With and that is when the computer locks up I have to do a
power off and on to get the computer to boot again and then it starts up with mem dump and it just reboots it self all the time
when it gets to 100%.And for the life off me I don't have any idea as to why it is doing all this all the time..
So I need help from you guys.I have been reading some off the other post's that some of you guys have be posting about lock ups just to see any one is have the same kind of problems and it look like we all problems but not the same kind.Which makes it that bit hard to find out what is going on with the computer locking all the time..
I think if I don't find out so then I will just have to go and buy my self a nice big hammer...LOL.


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You're not alone. Same type of problem here. Can't figure it out. Been happening for months. Tried everything including a clean install. Still locks up. If you figure it out before I do, make sure and post it here.

max man 3d

I have to and its still a no go ..

I have to say this but all in all I think xp is crap.And it is still full of bugs...

max man 3d

When I say crap it's only because of what is going on.I just don't understand why I am having this problems with locking..

When I put xp on my computer about 6 or 7 months ago it with all working like a dream and never add any problem well only with some games but that was no big thing really .But that was some thing that I could put up with.But locking up all time it just get's you down after the time..

There must be some thing going on as when I am on the net I get this icon down where the time is and it is a Microsoft icon.When I click on it .It comes up with pause or resume what is that all about..Is Microsoft spying on me or some thing.And it as 0 all the time some it not downloading or any thing if that is what is I just dont no.

But like you are saying it not crap really it problmes that need to iron out


Is your cpu overclocked? Windows xp puts a bigger strain on the cpu and cause it to lock if it's overclocked. Also try putting your agp from 4x to 2x. Sometimes 4x can cause system instability. Overclocked, 4x agp and xp not a good combination.
Also did you download any programs when this started? If so I would start uninstalling each program that was installed the past 30 days. If you can, Put them on cd or another hard drive. This way you will still have them if they are important. If any of them start with windows xp than those can be a problem. Go to start, programs, then start up. Any downloaded programs that are in this list right click and delete. Reboot and see what happens. Hope this helps. ikester

Almost forgot. That icon is an automatic update for windows. If you do not want to update automatically need to disable.

max man 3d

No overclocking here.But as for programs that I download and makeing it lock its not that because like I was saying be for it still locks on a clean install with only the video drivers installed and nothering other then that.Mem is all fine.IS there any prgroms out there that can do a full system diagnostics to see if there is a problem with say mother board or cpu..and other stuff..


My Problem

Hi Guys,
What MotherBoard are you using??

I had this problem with a PC CHIPS MB because the IDE Transfer modes were not set correctly in Device Manager!!

Because of this my 1400mhz Athlon was slower than my PII 400 Laptop !!!

Now lock ups are a thing of the past


after 6 days of fresh installs of XP-PRO and about 6 days of swapping parts and pulling my hair out I finally figures out my similar problem YESTERDAY!

I did everything from swap out ram to swapping motherboards and it still did the same thing...come to find out that my second harddrive, HD-1 had 4 bad sectors and every time the system would try to access that drive..LOCKUP

may I suggest, now that I have a 100% working system that you check your disks<probably the second drive or partition first>

I too run photoshop, and games alot, and I too had the same symptoms... I moved all my data, bit by bit, between crashes, to a diff drive then formatted under XP.

Like I said, works great now......


I had a similar problem (my system used to spontaneously restart at will!!).

I traced it to a HHD overheating problem. Like most peeps i had my HHDz sandwiched on top of each other (because of the case design). But IBM (and now me!) reccomend that there is at least an inch of clearance between drives to allow for cooling. So to cut a long story short, i seperated my drives and hey presto! no more crashes!

Adding a case fan is also a very good idea.

max man 3d

Ok I will give that ago and see if it still locks or not..

Just wondering if any one no's of a way that I can make a start up disk in XP I can not find it..



If you want a start-up disk for re-formatting etc., then just use a Win98 start-up disk. A Win98 Startup disk won't be able to read your HDD though unless you are using FAT32.

You could create your own startup disk by finding and downloading a file called 'ntfsdos.exe' and putting it on a Win98 startup disk.


You could do a search for Windows XP Startup disks on Yahoo! of Google, and you will get results saying stuff like "Ultimate Windows XP Boot Disk" etc.


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You might want to check to see witch updates have been done to XP. One of the updates the one for the "serrious error recovery screen" was locking my system up all the time. Also if you tweeked any of your memory settings in the BIOS you should set them all to default, cause if the RAM is edgey it will reek havoc with the OS, sporatic lockups, random reboots and such. Also still do not rule out video driver compatability probs. But you first should check in the recovery/rollback system console to see when the Windows updates were done. Since you had that Microsoft icon in your tray it was probably updating the system automatically. If you remember the date or dates of when your system was running well roll the system back to that point but put your old GeForce 3 back in the box. See if that makes everything O.K. again. Now looking back at your followup posts the rollback will not work since you did a clean reinstall. Memory, CPU and or hard drive over heating prob might be your best bet. Question: After you did the reinstall did it run O.K. for a bit then lock up. Or did it start to lock up right away? "A bit" meaning 10, 20 mins. an hour, what?


Beware the G-Man
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Another thing you might want to check is if you have dirty power there at your place. Do you have a UPS battery backup? Borrow one from a friend or chance it and go buy one. It's still an excellent investment.

max man 3d

Hi all I am back with still more problems then ever now.But it is still locking up .I did a scandisk on all drives in my computer and windows came back with no problems found.So I did a boot from floppy disk but that was a windows 98 startup disk by the way and the Is why I was asking about a boot disk for xp because I wanted to do a scandisk from that but I did try it from them disks which is six of them and It did not work with them.

Back to scandisk from 98 startup disk and it found that there was problems on all drives,So I fix them all.But I am still have lock ups,But now there is more problems other then just locking..When it does lock I hit the rest button hopeing that it will go back to windows .it dont It gets as far as loading windows but just stops there .What is going on I ask my self,So off came there side off the case ,And I was thinking which card will I take out.So I took out the adaptec 2940 UW ,And started the computer again and it went in to windows why is not booting with card in there.

So I have done scandis in windows with no problems found and all so scandisk in dos with 98 boot disk which alot off problem.And I have done windows defrag on drives which took for for ever to do..

So I am back where I started but with more problems then when I started.This is starting to drive me mad..

I all most for got to add this It is not over heating the drive I have hard drive fans on my computer But thanks for that any way..

I am runing out Of idea's so keep them comeing thanks you all so far for your help...

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