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Someone can help me understand the way XP licensing works?
I have a retail copy of XP Pro.
Up to Windows2000, Microsoft allowed the use of a single copy of Windows on both a desktop and a notebook (assuming that when you work on a notebook you are away from the desktop).

Now I would like to buy a desktop PC to work more comfortably when I'm home: I want to build the machine by myself to spare some money, I'd like to use my XP copy as I did some years ago with the 2000 Pro.

I hear contraddictions about XP Pro these days... some people say nothing has changed, others say the desktop/notebook story is not permitted anymore.
Actually XP eula states you can use the system on one single workstation but one may say a notebook is not a workstation...

When I call people at WPA, they say they're not sure and I should contact blah blah blah...
What do you know for sure about this? Any of you in my same situation?..


Does MPA permit customers to install products on a portable computer and on a desktop computer?

Consumers should use the terms of the product's EULA to determine if this is permitted. In some cases, the Microsoft EULA permits customers who are the primary users of Microsoft programs, such as Office and Word, to install one additional copy on their portable computers for their exclusive use. This does not apply to product licenses that are acquired with the purchase of a computer. These OEM licenses are single-use licenses that cannot be transferred to another computer. Windows XP can only be installed on a single computer. A new license is required if you install and activate the product on a different computer.


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