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XP installation faild in the beginning



I'v tryed to install XP on my machine 10-15 times now and it just wont work.It search for components and when it's about to copy files to my computer the screen just went Black,and i haved to pusch resetbutton to come out again.I haved try different harddisk's, but its the same?I also copy'd the i386 to my harddrive,trying to install that way,but it just the same.Anyone
Windows 98se,ME and others installation works fine.
who has the same problem?



Motherboard Soltek Via 266,athlon 1400mhz,ram 256,geforce 2 400 mx,seagate 60gb.I dont think there's not any unusaly components.
I can only suggest what i would try. I don't know what the problem is and i'm only offering advice, hopefully it will be good advice.

The first thing i'd try is to look for any bios updates for my motherboard, and checking to see if there's any compatiblity issues there. If no updates are available, i'd reset my bios back to defaults. You should have your documentation handy for this to locate the appropriate jumper and follow those instructions.

I'd remove all extra hardware that wasn't necessary for initial installation like extra CDRoms, modem, ethernet card, sound card, etc.

I would get my hard drive's manufacture set-up utility and use it to partition and format my drive.

I would make sure my hard drive was on it's own IDE channel, with no slave drive attached (making sure it was jumpered correctly).

If ECC was enabled in my Bios, i'd disable it, along with virus checking (I think the normal defaults are disabled anyway).

I'd disable USB support and onboard sound in my bios.

Those are the things i can think of right now, if i can think of anything else i'll edit my post here. Good luck man, i really hope you can get it working.


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hmm i had the same problem 3 days back
screen goes back past the initial blue screen of steup of XP
either that or i get wierd symbols flashing on the screen
i did a few things after and it sorted it... cuold be all of the following or just one..
1. usb mouse... removed the adapter and changed it to ps2
2. cdrom for some reason was a cable/select as was the harddisk.. changed it to master/slave
3. upgraded bios


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Are you trying to do an upgrade of an existing OS or a clean install on a reformatted hard drive?

If you are doing an upgrade or full installation over an existing OS and you just put the CD in and had it autorun then your problem could be a conflict with a program or service that is running in the background.

Try going into the BIOS setup and change the boot sequence to boot first from the CD. The best way to install XP is to do a clean install on a reformatted drive. You can have XP do the formatting as part of the installation, just make sure you have backed up any files that you want to keep.


Dont work

I'm doing a clean install, i haved try an uppgrade to,and it's the same thing no matter what i do,this stop comes anyway.I will try tomorrow again, whith all this suggestion i'v got here(its not my computer,it's a friend's)
I thank you all for your supply.



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If you are booting from the CD and are still having problems then I would suspect that you have some incompatible hardware or an outdated BIOS. I would recommend that you follow Lonman's advice.

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