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XP Installation CD


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I'm very mad to say the least I was gonna format and install a fresh XP Home OS on my computer again like the one I currently have. BUT I LOST THE CD . So after hours of seaching I decided we did not take it with us when we moved to a new location 2 years ago. I still have a genuine XP certification sticker on the back of my XP with the CD key thoug, my question is can I still reformate with the CD key. Could I downlaod the XP Install disc to a blank disc from the web (A genuine version) if I provide Microsoft with my CD key.

Disclaimer: sorry to bug you guys but microsoft charges 35 USD for getting technical support .


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Can't download, at least not from MS, without something similar to a MSDNN subscription. They may however send you a CD, but you'd have to call them. And, that sticker on the side of your case probably entitles you to an OEM copy, so if your computer is a Dell or something similar, contact them instead of MS.

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All you need to do is find someone with a XP Home CD (legit of course) and use your CDKey instead.

I saw legit CD cause some cracked cds wont accept a legit key, some come cracked on the CD.


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I'm not so much like the previous guy who posted. Just d/l a copy of XP home edition! haha :p. I expect you'd be fine as long as you MAKE SURE it's the same version. Home and not Professional as well as same service pack in case.

I am not sure, but if you ask for another copy of the CD despite you having ur cd-key you'll probably have to pay a charge for it neways from MS for sure. I'd expect somethignin the $20+ range. That's just a guess though

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The service pack on the CD doesn't matter. It just means the service pack it steamlined into the CD, it's the best way to install a SP if you ask me.


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If you do decided to just download a copy (no it's not right but I won't say nething hehe) make sure it's bootable because I ran into that problem a little bit ago and it just causes a pro-longed headache you don't need to deal with. I posted a thread about that problem a little bit ago.

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