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XP install and RAID Drivers


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hmmm, sounds like you want to "slipstream" the drivers with XP.
Try using something like "AutoStreamer".
Basically, copy the entire contents of your Win XP CD to a folder (c:\winxpcd for example), then run Autostreamer.There is an option to cutomise the install, give it your RAID drivers, then it creats a new bootable XP CD, with the drivers included.

AutoStreamer can be downloaded here
A little off topic, but here is a glaring example as to why the floppy is one of the most useful storage devices.

I cannot comprehen as to why they are trying to phase it out. You can copy small files to it either through windows or dos.

You can boot to it and load useful utilities, such as Memtest, etc.

They are still a host of corporate uses in the real world for its application. My wife works as a medtech, and she uses floppies for dl'ing medical files, etc.

Oh sure you can always burn using cdrw's, but first you need to be in windows, and then you need burning software, and after all that the file you need to share or mail is only a couple of megs, what a waste of space.

Long live the floppy drive.

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I hate relying on floppies, even so callled new ones. Put some files on it & tuck it away. Weeks or months later go & get that little saviour & the damn thing won't work. It's only good for the bin. I hate floppies.


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Sorry RaidR

Floppies are the worst form of storage...next is the zip drive.

USB Flash drives....

$18. 128MB Flash drive = ~50 floppies.... bootable... copy small files to other computers... Every computer today has a usb port (if not....time to upgrade).
Faster transfer speeds than a floppy.

Can go thru a wash cycle in a washing machine and survive (cough..purely hypothetical.)

Floppies should die a quick death....Out of date. Obsolete.

But thats my opinion......

Shamus MacNoob

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ozzy_james said:
Most motherboards support booting off of USB storage devices now though. So I think I can finally say bye to my floppy drive

But not every USB devive is bootable and has the drivers needed to make it so there is good and bad but I still want to keep my floppy handy.



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I hate floppies also, but untill XP setup asks for a USB drive......... Mebey a 1Gb USB drive, tehn you could load a slipstream copy of XP or better yet Linux on it....

They are the worst part of any computer, but they are needed.

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