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17 Feb 2004
I was trying to figure out how to display xp only in black and white it's not in the display options. I was thinking I could write a color profile or something but don't no how to write one. any help would be great :cool:
WinXP will not go lower than 16bit colour so go figure...
You could try to change all the colors manually to black and white, or create a style file.
pinkgunman said:
well that kind of sucks, I just wanted to go with a simple look :(
:p get one of the old BBCs.
You can revert the colour scheme to the classic style and got to Display Properties / Appearance / and change everything from there.
You could simply change all the colours in display options
Turn the colour down to zero on the monitor?
Only black and white or just grayscale?

Only black and white is probably a bit tricky. Maybe if you used a special theme for it...
There's probably something in the accessibility options for black and white display.
Under the Apperance tab there is a "high contrast white" choice that will get you to black and white. If you don't see it, then it might be part of the accesability options, as somebody else mentioned. I know it isn't something I downloaded.
it should be possable to make XP stay in black and white mode even using the defult skins. There is an option that makes XP fade out all the colors and then come back in full color when you make an apperance change. it should be nothing more then a regestry setting to force it to stay in this black and white mode i'm sure. However I dont know how or were to do it.

I'm also sure you are the first person in history to ever want it :)

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