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omg its nlm

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I am trying to get a wireless laptop setup on a laptop. I am able to connect with mine fine. But with the one i am working on I can not get a ip. It will connect to the router right away. It is sending packets but not reciving them. Any one have a idea?

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Perris Calderon

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is the wireless service running?...or the wireless cards software?

(one or the other, not both)

sometimes you have to cycle down the router, (power off, power on)

sometimes you need to dissable the card and re enable it

and of course fight click and try repair...sometimes you need to flush the dns

omg its nlm

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The wireless service is running, it connects right away. I just am not getting a IP or anything. I tired and hard code it and that did not work either. Windows default ip is what I am getting.

omg its nlm

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Thanks for the help perris, but the flush did not work. It looks like it is sending and reciving some packets right now.

not sure what to look at with the security protocol?