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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by suty.455, May 23, 2002.

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    hi all i want to know if anyone can tell me how i can make a cd copy of my oem install, i have no recovery disks no software disks only the built in lenten recovery program, whilst my pc is in warranty this isnt an issue but obviously if i get a hdd error or boot virus etc after my warranty is gone then so too is my install and my paid for and legally licensed software, ms are no help neither are the retailers were i bought the pc apparantly this is now a fully supported ms procedure and the only available option is to repurchase my software which i am loath to do, and they wonder why people buy pirate copys! if faced with this situation i have two choices buy an official copy at about 99.00 or more or a copy for a fiver and use my license number with that, anyone help?
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    Is the OS located in a hidden partition on your hard drive?
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    You could invest in another HD large enough to hold everything that's on your machine right now. Or if you have an older one sitting around that's not to old. Install it, Format it (the same as the original. ie... FAT32 or NTFS), partition it the same as the original, make it bootable and copy everything onto it and into the same partitions. Use Norton Ghost to make image of everything. Remove it and put it away. If your System take a dump take out your HD and Insert the backup HD and Reboot. This is only if you don't add other progs later on or do any tweaks. If you do, those you will loose. But then if you do, you will probably have the disks for those progs. But not the tweaks.
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    You can do what I did... Call the manufacturer of your computer (in my case it was IBM) and tell them that you lost your OS. IBM sent me two emergency recovery disketts (FedEx overnight) at no charge.:)
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    Hey, That's worth a Shot.
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    the year 2525
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    These companys need sortin out:mad: You've paid for your copy of XP you should get the disk.

    Somethin needs doin, magazines etc should look into this and have a campain or somethin

    Thats my view anyways :D LOL
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    I'm Gonna Get Beatup For this One

    I Know i'll get smacked for this but here goes.

    suty.455 What type of xp do you have (Pro, or Home)?

    Thanks to activation each licence # is specific and it can be used on any copy of XP (Depending on if it is Pro or Home only). Go get a copy of what you have from any p2p Burn it then if your Comp dies then you have a full copy on disk. Or you can Copy it from a friend.

    Now one thing this isn't completely legal so IT HAD BETTER BE a real licence because as many users will tell you you will have to call Microsoft for activation most times. And if you just got a licence from a buddy Microsoft can catch it. They have every licence recorded and they know if a licence has been used already.

    Remember that this is a option I am not saying Steal or Grab warez but if you have a real licence it is a easy solution. Thanks to activation most pirated copies of XP die in 30 to 90 days anyway.
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    oem software

    thanks for the answers my edition is xp home, it is in a hidden partition and very strange, it is on fat32 yet the system is on nt weird, (when recovering it flashes up accessing fat 32 file sys in oem partition) i did consider making a copy of a friends disk but i wasnt sure if my license would work as i thought all the disks were tied to a license number if that will work then so be it once again thanks.
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    Re: oem software

    Your product key will work as long as it's the same version of XP. Make sure your friends copy isn't an upgrade, etc. and you'll have to call your tech support to get your product key if they didn't supply it somewhere in your package documentation. Don't use your friends product/license key because it will already be used in the database at Microsoft. If you ever need to use it, you'll have to fdisk the drive and wipe it clean because XP's [standard] installation doesn't recognize all that wierd, hidden crap and will give you a message there are no available partitions to install on or something like that. I've been helping a buddy tackle this same issue with his HP Pavilion.

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    the year 2525
    In my opinion as I install OEM products is this..

    You paid for a PC with XP operating system.

    You should have at least a sticker on the PC (as required with any OEM install) with your serial number on it.

    As we install from an OEM cd then supply a full version of the software still in original sealed box with booklet, then the customer puts there serial in on there 1st boot as we do an OEM reset after installing drivers etc.. it doesn't matter if you "accuire a copy of a XP CD" as you already own a licence for XP.

    In most cases as we sell the operating system seperate from a package build to keep costs down to the customer, we offer to preinstall the operating system of there choice, without serial #, saving them £89 if they already own an operating system (or in most cases they have a friend who has)

    can you see were i'm going yet ??....

    Just download a copy as you already own it.. any comeback will fall on the supplier at the end of the day even if you accuire a copy from kazaa.

    Mabey a phonecall to the supplier will result in you recieving a full original copy of XP... just play hell with them..
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    i the product KEY you use with XP when you install is for that one disk only and keys from other copys wont work wether thay are home or pro , as with win 98 any win 98 key will work

    ive tryed using a product key from a full downloaded copy of XP on my own OEM copy that i payed for and it didnt exept the key.
  13. Lonman

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    good point surge. You'd have to get another oem copy to use your key on. Oem, pro, home, upgrade, corporate < I believe each type requires a different key type. But if you have the correct 'type' of key and the correct 'type' of cd (oem key+oem cd, pro key+pro cd, etc.) then you should be able to use your own key.
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    u could try using a proggie like norton ghost. This makes an image of ur HHD that u can compress and put on cd. then if u need to reformat then u just load up ghost and extract the image onto ur HHD. It makes a copy of ur registry as well so u dont have to install stuff like M$ orifice again (if it woz installed when u made the image)!!

    Its wot i use as it makes reformatting a doddle!!
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    the year 2525
    so far i have in my collection 3 versions of OEM install for home & 3 for XP. they are all version 2600, but with an additional code. (cant recall cus im well drunk) the latest OEM installer i was sent had 28.32 drivers as default NVIDIA drivers. I was quite susprised when i installed it on my new testbed PC to find the 28.32 drivers as default on a new HDD & install. So i dare say there is 6 equations to the code for the 6 versions i now have. Even with these embeded 28.32 drivers it still has the default IE6 as there is a $hitload of security updates still.. Roll on SP1 OEM CD :)
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    oem install

    thanks for the replies again, believe me i have played merry hell with my supplier and at this moment in time i am going through trading standards to sort out my problem as the origional install doesnt allow me to use fax services or to even change my font size it keeps asking for the cd, so when they put xp home installed on there pos that was a lie should have been some xp home!, i do have the sticker on my pc so i can probably get away with a copy but that isnt the point really, i want to dual boot my system with linux and obviously at this time i cannot do that as it would destroy my partition i am also not happy about the fact that the supplier is basically telling me what i can and cannot do with my pc! its pants i do think some sort of pressure group should be formed to hassle microsoft, this policy wont work anyway because a couple of years down the line there will be an explosion of pirate copys as people realise that they have to buy again. anyway rant over with thanks again.
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    Lonmans Gonna Kill Me

    Suty. Lonman is correct 100% It has to be the EXACT same type of XP for the Licence # to work. If it is one of those crappy Compaq OEMs there are extras they get Microsoft to add and the Key type is different (For ident reasons)

    How i know this (Don't hurt me Lonman) I am acually was a heavy warez trader. I Tried to help crackers bust win-xp Activation (I dunno if this has been done yet i stopped tring back in November and just bought my own copy) There are ways around this but I can't say them here because of www.xp-erience.org Rules and policies.

    Back to the point. If it is a special OEM (e.g. Dell, Compaq, IBM, HP, ect.) Then you will have to get that exact type of copy thats the only way it will work. (Dang propritory systems) I know this from xp-erience. I Have played with every type of major XP out there.

    So Next question is this What type of system do you have? And IF it isn't a propriatory system and you have a burner I'll get the info you need to find a Clean Copy of XP Home (I Deleted all my warez copies except one for emergencies and i don't give it out [cough cough corp cough cough]). I Have scorces on clean stuff without Virii or backdoors. (Beware of Kazza Alot of Warez have Backdoors in them to bust ya system Trojens ect.)

    Best Thing to do is this Get a 2ond HD Make it the master drive or just swap it with ya old drive. Then do a fresh install and see if it will activate with your key. Then go on a Driver hunt and get all them up to date and i am sure you know the rest. All you need is a junky 5gb drive to test this and you can buy them from used comp stores for $20usd.

    This way You don't lose ANY data and can experiment. And if it works You have have 5 more gb of storage just wipe everything (Make sure to fdisk the old drive it prolly has hidden partitions in it [Read Lonmans Posts]) Then setup the 5gb drive as a slave and use it for storage.

    Hope this helps some more....
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