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i have real probs with xp and netwokring. On my home netwokr i have my computer (xp pro) and i have a windows me and windows 98 computers.

THey can all access the xp computer very quickly. But when i try and access there computers there is a huge delay before i see any of their shared files and when i clcik on them it takes another age befrer i see anything.

I have seen other posts about slow networking and tryed what they say. But nothing helps.

Any one sugest anything elce?


Have you enabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP on all machines?

As much as I hate to suggest it, on a small 3 PC LAN NetBEUI may be the best protocol choice. You can install it on your XP box from the CD valueadd\msft\net\netbeui
To enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on your XP computer, Local Area Connection Properties, TCP/IP properties, Advanced, WINS tab.

On 98/ME, TCP/IP properties, NetBIOS tab.

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