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XP Home Firewall corrupt.


Ken Yull

Hallo there, I have a problem with actuating the XP Firewall. I get the message that WMI is corrupt, and to restore to a previous date.
I have tried this without success, going as far back as restore will allow, still get the same message.
Can anyone out there put some light on this, I don't want to have the aggro of a reinstall. The computer works fine, just that I shall be going to broadband shortly, and want to get my net protection up to scratch.

AMD Athlon 850Mhz
512 Mb DDram
Gigabyte Mainboard
Cable Modem (at present) 56b/s
H/ds 30 + 20 Gs

Any advise would be welcome.

Cheers all



Ken Yull

Hi thanks for the reply. Yes, I tried getting fresh copy from the XP CD, but each time it fails, with the response that the file/program can't be found.

I have tried searchs and other forums, and seems to be a one off error, no one else has had this error apparently.

I think the inevitable re-install is looming, with the doubtful retention of all the settings, and etc.

I've got about three weeks to sort this out, so I'll wait to see if there are any other suggestions.

Thanks again.




Maybe you could try a Repair install. Boot up your Windows XP CD. Do not go to Recovery Console. Alot of people get confused and go to Recovery Console. Choose the option to install; then there will be an option to press 'R' to repair.

Try it. :)

Ken Yull

Hi Existenz

Hi, thanks, that sounds useful, will give it a try later.
Have just been downloading the latest XP compatible drivers for my Belkin UPS, have had a few slight problems with that also.
Xp wouldn't recognize Belkin's drvrs. Hope that will be okay now, then I'll try your idea.
Sounds good.
I know it sounds odd but if your using XP, check out the recycle bin and it's configuration.

Otherwise this is a Winows Management Instrumentation problem. One or more of the services that's attempted to start caused the problem.

These are difficult to solve without the exact error string returned by the system posted. But in my experience can be caused by Office for Windows 2000 not being updated to service pack 2 or later. Also many other reasons. More details required please.

Ken Yull

Hello Dave

Have checked recycle bin, can see nothing that appears wrong, it is set to Global and 10% per. drive.

I am not using Office for windows.

An error string is not being returned, I just goto network Connections, Advanced Tab, and I get this message

"Windows cannot display the properties of this connection. The Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) information might be corrupted. To correct this, use System Restore to restore Windows to an earlier time (called a restore point). System Restore ie located in the System Tools folder in accessories."

I have restored to the earliest point available, after trying all points between, without any luck, so have put restore back to present date.

Have very few problems with the system otherwise, the only small one I had, seems to have been cured by updating my Belkin UPS driver, XP compatible Belkin claim, but not signed.

So it seems that I shall do without the Microsoft firewall, and use a commercial one, have tried Zone Alarm, but that has a few hiccups, and have tried Sygate or was it Seagate, something like that, wasn't very impressed. I know there is Norton, Mcafee, Panda, and Command Software, but have heard so many conflicting reports, as you must know, it's a jungle out there.

Shall continue shopping around, must be a reliable one somewhere.

Thanks for your time, and advice.

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