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XP home dispatched from supplier of PC

I have just bought a laptop but it has the company version of windows xp home, it won't let me change some of the settings
cant convert to NTFS(it fat32) and also it has no back up feature when i go to C drive properties,is there a way that i can enable features like these

This company tried hard to sell me the back up discs along with the 3 year extended warrenty


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There are programs that will let you convert the file system without any affect to what is on it. I don't think I would trust them though ..
zeke_mo said:
I dont think that you can convert your active file system without a format
Not true.
XP includes a built-in non-destructive file system conversion utility. It's a one-way process (FAT32 to NTFS only). Open a command prompt (Start>Run>cmd) and enter the following:

convert C: /FS:NTFS

where C: is the drive letter of the partition/drive you want to convert to NTFS.

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