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3 Dec 2002
its from a computer bought @ Best Buy preloaded with Windows XP Home... The key is not in use anymore and requires that you call Microsoft to Activate it when you install it for yourself.

PM for Details, serious people inquire only. This is for the KEY. not sure if its for the "full version" or "upgrade" as it came pre-loaded.
Moved this in here until someone can prove it's a legal key he's trying to sell
PMd him telling the same ... Prove it or it goes away :)
After careful considerations and talks among the team, we've moved this back to the public forum.

dubstar is an upstanding member and we have no reason to believe this isn't a legal trade/sale.

BUT in the future we ask that any member wanted to see a CD key for any program, contact an admin beforehand. This way it can be discussed among the team and no one gets upset when a thread is moved or deleted.

Thanks dubstar for understanding :)

SPeedY_B said:
What good is a key without the disc?

if you are planning on upgrading a second computer and already own the cd. or i guess by microsofts own rules, since we dont actually own the software, but purchase the rights to use it, and the cd key is the right to use it, a backup of the Home cd could be made. but i dont want to push it like that.. i just dont need the cd key anymore.

what im looking for is... A, B, or C please.

(2) round ide cables for my 2 hard drives, and 2 cd-rw drives.. preferably 12"(3 port cables)
(2) 80MM Case Fans for an AMD Powersupply
(1) cool black light, or neon light for my case

100 Blank CD-Rs (700mb+, 48x) *i like Imation ones*

old hard drives, preferably 20+ gigs

D.) *the odd one*
5 black long sleeve size medium/large Beefy T's
5 black short sleeve size medium/large Beefy T's
5pack of Bic Ball Point pens (black)
~all must be sealed and new, no receipt nessesary. if they have a medium+, i'd like that, im tall and skinny, so shirts never fit right...

if im asking too much, let me know.. in my mind 1 group of these is well worth the $100 upgrade, but thats just to me. if you really want XP and dont have any of these, PM me and i can adjust, i like all sorts of things.
100 Blank CD-Rs (700mb+, 48x) *i like Imation ones*

Stick to Fuji's (Taiyo Yuden) They are the best. and something like $7.99 at best buy this week after rebates
Here are the official terms of use for Microsoft Windows XP Home and Pro Standard in regards to a legal trade:

You are permitted to sell the Windows XP license (CD-Key) only with the original medium. This means that you can sell your Windows XP CD-Key ONLY if you include the original medium. Original medium is considered to be the holographic CD that DOES NOT say "OEM Not For Resale." You may not redistribute or sell CD's that are from Large OEMs such as ones made from your big PC makers.

You are only permitted to sell holographic CD's that say, "OEM Not For Resale," only if you are an OEM System Builder (registered system builder from Microsoft) and are selling it with nonperipheral hardware. Nonperipheral hardware is considered to be hardware that is used inside of a PC, not hardware used outside.

Even though the terms say that you can use your CD-Key with any medium (i.e. I could make a copy of my CD and give it to you), you are only legally permitted to use it with your own license.
hm... well then i will give it away for FREE*

*manditory donation of A, B, or C needed to receive key
dubstar said:
hm... well then i will give it away for FREE*

*manditory donation of A, B, or C needed to receive key

or a,b,c to cover P&P :p
sold. actually i figure its illegal and kinda chitty that i dont have the cd.. so im giving it to a friends friend, he said he'd buy me a case of Miller High Life... mmm, the Champagne of Beers!

edit: just note i didnt mean an illegal KEY, i meant Illegal to sell without the hologram XP official microsoft cd. just wanted to clear that up. :)
Ewww, yuk. Beer barbarians! Hold out for Mich Lite.

If it was Win XP PRO I'd insist on St Pauli.
paul's girl?! thats just gross. if it was Pro, i'd hold out for Newcastle

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