XP has slowed to a grind


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Last night my pc ground to a halt. Don't why coz everything looks fine but now i can't even burn a dvd coz the thing is too slow even to do that, even burning it is using 100% processor and thats just it i can't open anything else at ALL. any ideas on this on as i working away on Monday and the wife needs the pc.


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defragging and everything else turning up normal fragmentation ? no viruses or anything?

might be security patches as well...

perhaps list your processes so we can have a look see... :)


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Try these:

Todo List
1. Virusscan (with the latest updates)
2. See whats loading at startup, and see if they really need to be run. These websites can help you out: Blackviper and Startup - full list
3. See whats in your system tray, and see if you really need it.
4. Look at the tasklist and the websites above might be able to help you determine if you need to remove anything.
5. Scandisk
6. Defrag (Use 3rd party application, such as Diskeeper, excellent software)
7. Run Adaware

Thats all I can think of right now. Let us know how it works out.



did he install that 811439 security patch that Buggered all our comps up a while back?


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Do not forget that there is a possibility of the processor being faulty as well. I have had 2 similar cases in which one was a Pentium 3 while the latest was a Pentium 4 processor. Both newly bought but defective ones. Made the hell out of frustration on me !! Bloody Intel .. hehehehe : )

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