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xp has different logon screens?


Adam S

not sure if this is the right forum. i believe it is because i think it is a newtowrk/intranet issue.

both computers are runn9ing XP Pro SP1:

on one machine, i get that cheesy logon screen, where u click the icon next to your username, enter your password, and logon.

on my other machine, i get a box that pops up, that looks like a login box you'd see on win2k when logging into a domain.

also when i ctrl-alt-delete, the one with the domain like login box goes to a popup box wherwe i can choose log off, shutdown, task manager, etc. the first machine goes straight to task manager.

anyone know i can switch the cheesy logon from my first machine to look like the other machine? thanks.
Got to the Control Panel. (Double)Click User Accounts and click on 'Change the way users log on and off', untick 'Use Welcome Screen' and click 'Apply Options'. Tadaa. Also works the other way around, of course. (login box -> cheesy screen)

edit: O Man sboulema, I wanted to gave the answer :(

Adam S

geez, so easy it hurts. never thought to look there. here i was going thru local policy comparing one machine to the next, LOL

any idea why one machine defaulted to cheesy logon and the other didn't?
You probably set up the computer without the cheesy logon as a networkserver in your network. Because of security reasons, it is turned off, but as you can see, it can be turned on.

edit: the same applies to your alt+ctrl+del question, only I don't know a way to go straight through the Taskmanager on your server.

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