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XP Hangs when idle.....HELP


NTFS Member...Again..
I am at a total loss.... Posted this problem awhile ago and thought I had found the problem, but no deal. So here it is;

Whenever my computer is idle, it hangs (can't open a program, can't restart, nothing) But if I have IE6 open or e-mail or something like that no problems, but as soon as I go to desktop, within 2-3 minutes it hangs and have to hit the reset button.
I thought it had something to do with my NIC (windows kept adding a wrong file to my driver, but removed it completely and still same problem). I have all the latest drivers for all hardware and latest BIOS, I have slipstreamed XP SP1 and reinstalled, all to no avail. Have checked the event viewer and nothing there of any help.

Here are more details of my system:
Iwill KK266 Plus motherboard w/ Via KT133a chipset
AMD Athlon 1000mhz
384mb PC133
Onboard sound CMI8738
Geforce 2 mx/400
Linksys LNE100TX Ver. 5.1
Maxtor 40gb
TDK 12x10x32
BestData Smartone 56k modem
Windows XP Pro w/ SP1

Any help would be great! I'm not even sure what to try next....
Thanks in advance....
not sure if this'll help, but i just found out that my screen saver was hanging my system and causing a 'no signal' message on my monitor....

disabled set@home screen saver and use winxp standard screen saver and now the problem is no more!

maybe it's your screen saver....just a guess.


Is this a hard-lock (no mouse movement, nothing)? or a mouse-can-move-but-nuthin-works problem?

What programs do you have running in the background (antivirus, etc)?

And are your comp temps possibly too high? This would cause it also.

Check your power options to make sure your monitor or hard drives arent going into standby. This is notorious for causing problems on some machines.

Good luck.


NTFS Member...Again..
Mouse moves but nothing works. Backround programs are PC-Cillin 2002 and of course all the windows services. Did have monitor going into standby will change that now and see what happens.
Originally posted by goro4u
Mouse moves but nothing works. Backround programs are PC-Cillin 2002 and of course all the windows services. Did have monitor going into standby will change that now and see what happens.
your PC is smelled like a pc which is infected with a virus!
some viruses integrate with explorer.exe
PC Cillin doesn't detect worms :cool:
take a shot of your task manager and post it here to check.

XP Abuser

could be the cpu overheating this will cause it to suddenly lock (desktops still visible but the mouse pointer wont work nothing) try opening the case up and leave it to see what it does!!!


NTFS Member...Again..
First of all, thanks to all for your suggestions!

This is what I've done so far, disabled PC-Cillin and did an exhaustive online scan at www.bitdefender.com and found nothing. Was going to post task manager, but could not figure out how to get it small enough to post here, but everything in there is familiar to me. Disabled the monitor power down and I think (still have some testing to do) that may have been it. Was hoping it was more complicated than that (my ego) but as we all know windows is very fickle at times.
I will post agian when I know for sure that it works.

P.S. CPU and sys temps are within excepted range.
Again thanks for everyones help.


NTFS Member...Again..
I think it works!!!

:D :D :D :D
I really think that it is working OK now. Have done some testing and all is well. Seems funny that a simple power setting for my monitor would cause it. And having battled this for almost a month now, I really feel like an idiot.:confused:

Anyways thanks alot for everyones help.

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