XP hangs for 5 minutes after logon-Help!



XP Stalls after boot for a about 5 minutes! After booting and entering XP, I can't do anything for a couple of minutes. The mouse arrow is fine on the desktop, but the second I go to the taskbar or starmenu, the mouse pointer turns to an hourglass and I can't do anything for about 5 minutes. XP just sits there, hardly any HD or CPU action. After about 5 minutes the login sound plays.. Wus up wit dat?

My system

t-bird 1.4ghz @266fsb
K7S5A motherboard
40GB western digital in 2-20gb partitions running FAT32
512 MB of micron PC2100 (I think it's micron).
Asus v6600 Deluxe Geforce (nvidia 23.11 drivers)
SBLive 5.1 audio (xp default drivers)
Studio PCTV capture card
built - in lan
printer/scanner etc...
Download bootvis and run a boot scan and optimize while your at it. Why fat 32? Have you updated your sound card.
I ran bootvis, but it didn't affect this problem at all. The problem is not he boot speed, but after windows boots. It just has some wierd issue for about 5 minutes then everything is fine. I can open about 1 or to apps and then everything just sits there. ctrl-alt-del doesn't even work. When I have been able to get the task manager up, it shows no cpu load on any processes.

FAT32, just habbit. Don't like to be locked out of my drive if something goes wrong.

I am networked, but i have 2 other computers running into a switch connected to a cable router that assigns ip via dhcp. Never had a problem with that, if that is what you are thinking, but there's always a first.

Any other ideas?
You can run bootvis to see whats lagging. Under Trace hit next boot.
Argh!!! I've been having sooo many problems! I've been getting blues screens out of the blue :) I've narrowed the blue screens down to an OEM sblive 5.1 card, which I've replaced with an SBLIVE standard card.

I've also narrowed down the delay to the sound system starting. Without any sound card, it starts up fine. Once I insert either SBLIVE card and install the drivers, I get the delay. The AudioHQ icon doesn't load until after the delay AND the windows Start sound begins after the delay. So, after windows boots up and the desktop is loaded, it will sit there for five minutes, then windows Start will play and everything is fine. I've downloaded the latest drivers from Creative for both cards, and the same problem exists. No IRQ conflicts that I can tell.

Any ideas???

The only thing I can think of is to experiment putting the cards in different expansion slots. Other then that I don't know. Try doing a search, upper right, for '5.1' or 'sblive.' I know the sblive card drivers were really bogus for awhile and a lot of folks had problems.
install the latest via 4in1 drivers from www.via.com.tw
This will fix compatibility issues between via chipsets and the SBLive cards.
Thanks for all the help!

I figured out that it is my Piece of Sh%& motherboard. Whatever you do, DON'T BUY ECS K7S5A. I have two of these boards, and they have been the single worst experience with computer hardware that I have had in my 12 years of computing.

I just bought a SolTek SL-75DRV2. This baby looks sweet, saw the review on tomshardware.com. The stability, cold boot issues, blue screens and other gremlins in the K7S5A have had me messing with components for the last 4 months. Done with it. Anyhoo, all of the issues I've had with XP seem to be related to the crappy board. I swapped a bunch of core components in and out and always had some problem or another.

I'll post an update to this thread after I install the new SolTek next week. XP is a sweet OS regardless.. Nice to see a lot of Linux OS carry overs in XP ;) ( I am a fair weathered fan of Linux, great ideas, but no QA and overall marketing scheme. Without seemless Win32 app compatibility & DirectX support or something very similiar and feature rich, Linux will always be a niche OS with limit usage.)

If it happens again, go into msconfig & uncheck "Workstation"
I did this. What does the service, workstation do?

Creates and maintains client network connections to remote servers. The description of all sevices is listed when you hilight the service.
Allan, thanks for the info. Unfortunately, this did not affect the 5 minute pause after boot. Same thing occurs.

I havent had a 5 minute pause but on 2 machines I had about 1-2 minute pause after boot.
My cause was that both machines were looking for a DHCP server to get an IP address. I made one of my machines a DHCP server to fix it, but you can quite easily assign an IP to both machines.

I also ran Microsofts BootVIS utility to improve my boot times. Now I have no issues at all.

Best of luck :)
I got my new SOLTEK SL-75DRV2 today. Sweet board, very cool overall package. It came with a bunch of software, and also a thermal sensor, which I haven't seen anyone else ship.

Anyway, installed the board, XP freaked out, wouldn't boot at all said there was something wrong with the drive. Windows ME booted fine. Ran the XP install program and selected repair, it took about 20 minutes, but got me back in with all my original settings minus my updated device drivers. So, XP is sailing so far withe the new board.

I think the problem I had with blue screens was related to a bad ram chip, or a bad socket in the K7S5A. The 5 minute hang, however, is a mystery.

Oh, I thought I should mention that there is no more 5 minute hang... ;) Don't know what it was, but after the new board and repair the hange is completely gone..

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