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XP gaming tips



I saw this over at Gamespot. For those that have been gaming with XP for a while, this will probably be repititious, but for those like me who are just starting to play games with XP, it's alright.



Edit: Ok, I read through the whole article in detail and it seems to be just some regular, everyday tips that ANY Windows user should know. There is nothing mindblowing here. I already do most of the tips in Windows98SE.


yup, saw that one also. its helpful if your having problems running games in xp.


SmartOS Pro

Check the review out on this pragram. Ive used it and like what it does for my computer when I play games. You start gameOS before you start your game and it make sure your computer uses most of it resources and ram to run the game. Doesnt load all that stuff in your startup folder and the other stuff windows load in INI.
The end result is you get a much cleaner boot for playing games.
Check it out and tell me what you think :)

Peace out :cool:


OSNN Gamer
OK this is what I do to help my graphically challenged Pentium4 run games to the best of its abilities.
1. Display settings set the colour to 16bit
depending on your graphics card you may need to change the resolution, my card is a Gefoce2 MX400 & the best settings for that is 800x600 if your not sure run a 3d mark in different resolutions to see which gets the higher mark.
2.Turn off all pretty extras that come with XP / My Computer/ right click properties / Advanced / Performance / settings / check Adjust for best performance(I tick the box use common tasks in folders personal favourite & has no effect on performance) now click the advanced tab(before you do this defrag your largest partition) Virtual memory / change / highlight your largest & fastest partition or drive & tick custom change the minimum & the maxium to the same size to stop fragmentation(I have mine set to 2000) this is because I use a program that joins movie files up to 2gig in size)
3.Just before you start to play press Ctrl Alt Del to bring up your taskmgr click on processes underneath tasmgr end all the processes until you get to explorer you need the rest(if your going to use a joypad dont end that process you'll need it)

now your games should run much faster

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