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Xp & Gamepad Issue



Hey guys, I've had an annoying problem lately. I'll have random freezing with my gamepad. I tried a friend's & got the same problem on my computer to rule out the gamepad itself.
I've installed & reinstalled the gravis drivers numerous times.
In control panel/game controllers the configuration won't move when i move the D pad.
When it is working if I unplug the gamepad & plug it back in, it won't let me view the properties. It says it's there & "ok", but won't let me see the properties nonetheless.
When I reboot it'll be ok, but eventually does the same thing.
I feel like Ive tried everything, and have a suspicion that one of the xp windows updates might cause this problem? Just a guess, I can't think of anything else. I would appreciate any help.
Try this

Try removing the drivers and using windows own built in ones for your joypad look at attachment for visual idea..... follow steps 1/2/3 then OK it all.


This is making me mental. I reformatted, installed the gravis drivers, and still the same trouble. It's not the controllers either because both of them wouldn't be broken. what confuses me is why it'll work again when i reboot, but for how long i'm not sure. something conflicting? my system is pretty bare right now. i did do the updates from windows though...


I've had the controller for almost 2 years, the problems have been in the last month. That link is a review, I'm pretty knowlegable with computers, I just wanted other opinions. Not a link to a review. Thanks anyway...
Not meant to read the review just this bit...

..."As with most USB devices, installation was a snap. After plugging in the Gamepad to a USB port, the Add New Hardware Wizard pops up, detecting the Gamepad automatically. All you'll need is the Windows CD for the drivers, and after installing the drivers, away you go. If you haven't read the manual at this point, you might be a little confused, because Windows installs the controller as a ''HID (Human Interface Device) Compliant Game Controller'' under the Device manager and ''HID Game Controller: 2 axis 10 button joystick'' under the Control Panel > Game Controllers menu. But we're sure you'll read the manual first, right?".....

As it says you dont need to install the gamepad drivers from Gravis just the windows driver for it.

What driver are you using?,.and do you need to install the gravis driver ?...does windows not install the device itself


I've tried both ways and the same thing. I've done some more thinking about it, and I think this might've all begun when I did a clean install of XP instead of the upgrade. This sounds odd, but maybe there's something to it.
I have the gravis Eliminator Aftershock (USB) and have noticed similar problems sometimes, although it doesn't lock up my PC. The games panel will say "OK", but I won't be able to get to properties page. Windows default drivers sucked big time (for my controller anyway): the controller acted really weird in many games and it was impossible to calibarate it. At least with the Gravis drivers, the controller acted ok, just "hiccups" sometimes.

It's too bad too cause I like the analog controls for certain games. So I'm forced to use my MS sidewider USB. It works good, but the digital pad is not as good for certain games (like racing).


Same deal as me actually, my system doesn't lock up but the controller does. I did some thinking & wondered if all this started when I did a clean install opposed to the upgrade of XP Pro like I was doing before. I reformatted, installed ME, and then upgraded to Xp, and SO FAR it's been ok.


Spoke too soon, here we go again. Does it tell you experts anything when I say it'll be ok again when I reboot? For how long is anyone's guess though. I'm beginning to think something's screwy with the usb ports or MB?
Well installing XP over ME is a mistake. Nothing good will come of that.

When re-installing XP you should do things one step at a time, and test the gamepad at each step. Drivers, updates etc. Your hunch was that one of the updates caused your problem. Test this out, by loading them one at a time. You don't have to have every silly little patch MS throws at you. The way computers are today with so many different parts made by so many different people, the configuration variables are almost infinite. The chances of 100% compatibilty with all hardware, software, and patches is nil.

Try the patches step by step, hopefully you'll find the offending one, and that it will be one that can be un-installed or system restored.


Have you sorted out this problem yet?

I am now having the same problem with my Saitek P2000.

I to have done a clean reinstal of Win XP, Where as before it was an upgrade from Win 2000. :(

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