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XP Firewall Configuration ???



Hello all, I have two computers both running XP Pro. I am sharing a cable modem connection with a Linksys 4 port router which also networks the two computers. I know the NAT firewall of the router offers me fairly good protection but I would also like to run XP's native firewall for extra protection. The problem is if I enable the firewall it kills the ability to share files between the two computers. Is there any way to run the native XP firewall and still have the two computers talk to each other and be able to share files? Thanks in advance for any info or help
There is very little point in running the XP firewall if your behind NAT.

NAT will block inbound traffic you really need something in place to block out bound traffic.

In terms of config you need to allow 137, 138, 139 if netbios is on and 445 if netbios if off.

Open the Advanced tab of the network connection's properties and click Settings. and add the required rules in.

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