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Electronic Punk

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Seems the Anthrax research is complete:

Anthrax Research Project Completed
United Devices is excited to announce that as of February 14, 2002, the screening phase of the Anthrax Research Project has been completed. Preliminary indications are that we have narrowed the original pool of 3.57 billion molecules down considerably, having identified over 300,000 crude unique hits in the course of the project. This significantly reduces the next phase of the discovery process, in which the ranked hits will be further refined and analyzed, accelerating the overall time to availability of a treatment.

Seems I am now doing Life Sciences and my current target is a protein called RAF, also there was a new version of the UD App released which seems to say 'xxx' de novo structures, a bit weird.

Anyway you can still join our team here:


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1) I got the xxx de Novo Structures with Anthrax too

2) RAF is a Cancer protien, which was the THINK program's original purpose, until terrorists started mailing Anthrax around.


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