XP-Erience Referrals

Ok under my profile I have a referral. What is this and who gave it to me.
I remember back in Junior High I used to get referrals for being in trouble :rolleyes: I'm hoping this isn't the same :cool:
Can someone explain?


Is there a name in it?

If a member of XP-erience suggested you join you can put their name into the referrals box when you sign up. May they'll get some vouchers or something!!

I suppose therefore that if others put your name as the refferee then a number or actual user names will appear in the same box.

In the stat's section you can see a listing of referrers etc..

I'm in it coz Mubbers referred me etc..



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Ah then someone out there must have put your name down as a referree when they signed up!!

Congratulations you get the cheesy gift!!


EP EP there seek him here they seek him there...

EP - I referred Shaddowman (recall UT2003 server thread), but I don't think the referral option was open then can I get another referral???) :D


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Scroll down to the bottom of this screen...

and you'll see:

< Contact Us - XP-erience - Forum Index - Statistics >

click on Statistics and look for referrals at the top of the screen...


Click Here!

Mub's :)
Thanks Mubbers!
So how did I refer them? EP? Where are you? Yoo Hoo over here (lol). Seriously, someone explain this referral thing to me...


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err maybe you didn't refer them, all they have to do is put your name in the box! Y

ou have no idea whou allywilson is??


Maybe a secret admirer??? :D
Haven't a clue. Atleast not right now. Secret admirer if it's a girl great if it's a guy not great (no offense to anyone). But for the record I am happily married with a wonderfull son. :D
Maybe they put my name in the box because it is such a cool name (lol) j/k...:cool:
I am so funked up it's not even funny...I am so funked up I am going to bed to get my wonderfull 6 hours so that I can get up and pull my last 13 hour shift for this week...how is that for being in a funk!! lol
Oh. Woah. Funky thats funked :p

Speaking of refferals; I got quite a few in Junior High School; most of which I threw away as soon as I recieved them; and didn't go to detention hehe. Some teachers are really really cool; others I didn't like.

Now to website refferals; I actually remmocended this site to a few people via link somewhere here; and well; my number is still 0 :)

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When you sign up there is a box that says referee? and you just stick a nam ein if you feel so inclined. No big deal (tho havign said that the first person to get 100 referrals gets the honour of doing my washing)

It's only something I enabled recently, might disable it again as its a bit not useful. Don't worry about it ;)
Seriously, knowone answered my question...How is it I got a referral when I don't know this person and he/she lives halfway across the universe? Not that I am complaining that I got a referral :D just really wanting to know.


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Well my guess is this:

allywilson was surfing the site and decided to join. On the sign up page she/he thought that the referrals box was a 'required' field a used the first name that sprang to mind:

the one and only 'Funky Dredd'...

Why don't you PM them?


P.S. Either that or they're a cyber-stalker :(