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I recommend that everyone download this utility and help support XP-erience.org and cancer research. Click HERE to download. Once you download the program go HERE and click "Join This Team" to become part of the XP-erience.org team. The program will run in your systray and will have a priority of Low. This means that when your computer is sitting idle the UD agent will take 100% of CPU resources, but if your fragging in Quake III, the agent will just about stop to give higher priorities to those resources.

You can also run the agent in screen saver mode only, however I don't recommend this as it slows processing down because the screen saver drawing is utilizing all computer resources.

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Electronic Punk

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I reinstalled this yesterday but it wouldn't stop crsahing my machine,. a real shame as I enjoyed running this app - crashing for no reason every 2 mins and requiring a reboot, not something I can do :(

Might try Seti out, or how all my own computer for myself ;)


Same here... installed in on my Win2000 PC at work, and
after 15 hours, it locked it up tighter than a drum.

I was also looking forward to helping the cause, but I
can't afford to have it crashing my system.


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My computer runs 24/7/365, I just installed this morning and won't know until after work if it hosed up my system or not. I'll post and let you all know.


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Originally posted by gajef
Just joined this team together with 3 other running pc's.
Already counting for 140 days :)

Awesome! My 1 lil PC won't do much but every little bit helps.

I'm also not logging anything, Hmmm I must have forgotten to do something.


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Ah... ;)

If you look at the static update time you will see that that static has been updated 21hrs ago.. and since we both joined today it will only show up in 3-4 hours (i believe they update these team results every 24 hours)


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