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XP-erience/NTFS New theme...

Ok... I got a guy doing us up a new theme for the (new) site...

waddy gonna ship him some cash for it.. so it needs to be taken quite seriously.. want a really nice look going for site/portal...


thats where new updates will be shown... i'll alert you as the guy does new updates and things.

Remember... what we looking for is a clean.. crisp design.. not to fancy or overpowering... but nice style.. which basically ppl will look at and want to come back for more :)

What i'm looking for outta this thread is ideas... comments... constructive critism i can pass onto the designer... so we can get the best outta the money we spending on him :)


P.S. please can we have none of the 'we like the current theme... we want to keep it' - as its getting a tad annoying now :( - we need a new theme and style as we dont want too look like another site firstly.. also we need to get a nice professional look.. so advertisers/sponsors will be interested in sponsoring us... less waddy'll be paying out his pocket for as long as he can afford it... so lets look up... do something with the future... (i was never good at ending on a good line ;))


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Just Curious, is that going to act as a theme for VirtuaNews, or as a whole new custom-coded portal interface?



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Hopefully not that color scheme... It's too drab, somber, Dull. :(
Just my opinion. Don't shot me.
we already have the code for the portal sorted... all we gonna do now is slap on a theme... so we look different to other virtuanews sites... and similar sites...

going for a professional look... forums + portal design will be similar/matching... with have the same headers

Gonaads: OK... tooken onboard...have mentioned that to the designer... hes said that once he done a nice style.. should be fairly easy to play with colours :)



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I actually like it..perhaps boring for someone but I think it has a professional feel. Then again, that's my opinion after a couple of beers :)


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Vivid Icons to set off the page would be good. Some 3D style Icons with mouse overs on the main one that link to stuff. The flat ones are really lame... Everyone and his Biatch has those. :)


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I can honestly say that whatever is done will be fine with me. The look isn't as important to me as the content. And we have the best content around IMO. Looks like a good start on the new design though. Good work. :)


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I believe that the talent exists within these walls to make a site look just as good as anything we could pay for. But, if we want to pay for it, that's good enough for me. Not my call. :)
Have to agree with xsivforce, that thing right now, looks awful, still not sure of the reasons why to switch either?

I'm only hearing from MD about this switch, EP hasn't said anything, and waddy hasn't either for that matter, don't kncoking anybody, but it seems that only one person wants this switch.

my opinion



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Well, IMO...

The layour doesnt look that bad.. we need some brighter colors/better buttons...

I think we should have a vote or something.


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I vote for sushi.

oh, the theme. I agree with o_87. The colors are what makes it appear blah. After all, we are a wild, crazy group and we need to reflect that in the design. It just appears dark.

However, why not setup the site to allow the user to choose which style he/she wants to use? Basically design a bunch template and pick a default one. Then allow users to choose with one they want to use and have it stored in the cookie or user db.


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Originally posted by madmatt
However, why not setup the site to allow the user to choose which style he/she wants to use? Basically design a bunch template and pick a default one. Then allow users to choose with one they want to use and have it stored in the cookie or user db.
I agree with Matt, if multiple Themes were to be created that would make the site more desireable to visiters and to the members. Only Color (Colour :D for all you Europeans out there) Schemes, all the Icons the same from Theme to Theme and the same layout. Maybe Four (4) Color (Colour :D) Schemes. You put the Color Icons under the Register/Login Link and there you go. And like Matt says you cookie it or in their DB and every time the member visits the home page or logs in, it's there. And if you want you don't cookie it for visiters until they become members or time limit the cookie.

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