XP-erience Needs you !!!

Yeah, the Cuervo Double Shot book. he he he :p
Originally posted by Tbird94sc
i declare myself the king of all that is holy

LOL That must be a pretty big hole. :p j/k
I would hereby like to take the job of Bar Manager of the House. 1st round of tequila's are on me! :D
All joking aside Jewelzz. You said in one of your posts something about kids. How many do you have? If you don't mind?
goodness... all this mayhem. this is what i get for checking up on this forum so little times a day. and what's this about jewelzz's butt? good lord. crazy crazy crazy.

so anyway, since i peep on this board once in a while and i haven't got a pic of my ass to show, what position do i get? and be nice. if one of you suggests something unnecessary, i'll have to open my jumbo-size can o' whoop-ass on you! GRRR!!

tee hee. *angelic smile*
emmie-chan: How about XP-erience angel
Originally posted by emmie-chan
so anyway, since i peep on this board once in a while and i haven't got a pic of my ass to show, what position do i get?

tee hee. *angelic smile*

Be careful what you write. You never know what someone :rolleyes: will do with it. :p J/K
jewelzz: awww. so sweet! :)

gonaads: :eek: aiya! u guys have twisted minds. :mad:
just joking. :D Would never be bad to the XP-erience Angel :)

better not. hehehe

hmm... i changed my avatar to go with my new job, but shoo... i rather liked my vroom vroom fixed up import. maybe i should be XP-erience GirlRacer.
Hey emmie, ummmmm... your angel is ummmm neked. :eek:
yes, well, angels don't get paid, so i don't have enough for even a loin cloth and a leaf bra.

~ am in process of finding a clothed picture ~
ok, since u said so, i'll keep it. haha.

ok, well i'm off to catch the rest of smallville. ta ta!
Hi, I'm Matt. I eat cookies and drink milk. Bye.
Just to sum things up a bit.........

Xsivforce - Mayor
Jewellz - Deputy mayor and Smurfette
Bytes Back - Police Chief
Khayman - Commander in Chief of the whole universe
freightgod - Minister of Transportation
Gonaads - Milkman
Madmatt - Cookie Monster
Eve - Minister for General Mayhem
silent_bob - Town Drunk
[P§eüðøKe®] - Blind man with cup
Tbird94sc - king of all that is holy
GraLk - Bar Manager of the House
Emmie-Chan - XP-erience Angel

I see no one is worrying about fires round here, lets hope we don't have one.

And no one has applied for person amblimg aimlessly around the shops and looking in every window.

Nice so far, but we need more !!
emmie-chan, yes, I am. Thank you.

Bytes back, now wait a minute! we all know the cookie monster ranks higher than that!

xsivforce, mmm, I'll trade you a cookie for one!

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