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xp-erience in 2001!

Mr. Waddington is the man that owns the site, the servers this site runs on, he is THE man.

You don't see him much anymore, but if not for him, we would still be as slow as s*it, he bought a cool new server for us.

Electronic Punk

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I Should put the version of XP-erience that never went live up for you guys somewhere, so mine and o_87s work can be seen ;)
I l33t hax0red phpnuke


So after this site came back up you guys decided to transfer everything here from xp-erience?

Electronic Punk

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Well once we upgraded to virtuanews from phpnuke we lost alot of our guides and content, we are now working hard to get everything working properly, getting content back on the site while trying to make it look cool...

But basically, yes, everything from XP-erience is here.

Electronic Punk

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Unreal Tournament 2003 took me 3 hours to write (5 if you count the 2 hours playing time ;) )

I finished Spearhead, my latest game, in less than 2 hours.. so might review that, not decided yet :)

Just got an Audigy2 so could review that, but I'm not an A/V pro so wouldn't really know where to start.

Also got a wireless MS keyboard and mouse with optical things, so could do that... just a matter of finding the time.

Need some other buggers to write some cool reviews of their Xmas presents, while there isn't currently the option of submitting reviews, I would be more than happy to post any reviews that you guys send in.
Can I do some software?

I have some hardware, it is popular, but not too new :)

It isn't very professional, and more of an opinion review, but, I would be more then glad to put time into it!

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