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XP-erience Counter-strike

Electronic Punk

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Time we had a game of CS together.... :D

Will be playing here, unless changed below!!

Come kick LightWave's ass!!


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i would like to host like an 18 or so player dedicated xp-erience cs server..... i am in Cali on a 10mbit line so it is great for the states, but i dont know how many of you are here

let me know, ok? i would consider it my gift back to teh win site :)
setting it up right now :) will post the ip in about 10 minutes

will post the ip in about 10 minutes :)

the mods here can get admin on the server if u wish, we can talk about that later tho :)
server info :)

name: Xp-erience.org CS 1.5

my in-game name is wK|-$h0u|iN.uF.

stop by and check it out, this server is locasted in Calif.
i cant play now, pre-cal hmwk :( bah.. anyways contact me on AIM tonight xsiv if u can, u can tell me who should have admin or what ever...

.... hey and if there are more generous people out there mabey one on the west coast, and one in wk or something that could host a server for those locations ? jsut a though, would be coo

... off to do hmwk

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