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Xp-erience christmas theme


Secret Goat Fetish
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are we gona have a christmass theme with snow + such? i think it would look sooooo kool if the logo's etc were themed 2wards christamas.....prehaps members could make them:p

btw how's xp-erience version 1.1 going? i thought it was due to be realesed @ begining of december. i no waddy has just brought a new server so how long will it be?


Bow Down to the King
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you know what they say, things take time. =|
a Christmas theme would be impossible given our current status on the redesign. however, they might be able to whip up some Christmas logos, good idea.


Secret Goat Fetish
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dam that was a quick reply:eek:

btw a lame christmass theme would be similar 2 This

:rolleyes: school site.......crappppp

btw if u click the school network bit on the right hand side u can conect 2 the school network....will some 1 hack it + send the school system crashing please?:D :D


Bow Down to the King
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could make the security system alert the fire department, get school closed for the day. =)

A Christmas theme would be a nice touch for the holidays, we'll have to keep it in mind for next year (by then we should be set).
heh - will see what we can do in the short time we have

XP-erience V.2 has had some unforseen setbacks... cant give a set date again... but will be soon... was talking to waddy earlier.. says the new server updates and stuff are going smoothly :)

New specs on the server should be awesome :)

Stay Tuned... will see how christmasy we can make things - no promises though :)



Secret Goat Fetish
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Posted by Jewelzz
Don't do the falling snow, that's so lame.
u think so 2? good:D it's a simple java script if any 1 realy wants it...even i can do it:p

i jus find it strange that waddy never posts:eek: ....even though he;s proberly reading this. i do see him post news ocasionaly:confused:

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