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Download XP E-Book CdRom (217MB)


1. Learn Windows XP Professional's Features
Master the new user interface, wireless networking support, remote assistance, and multimedia capabilities.
2. Create Users and Groups
Learn the tasks required to manage permissions on a local Windows XP machine.

3. Understand the System Tools
Learn how Windows XP handles system maintenance such as back up, defragmenting, and restoring systems.

4. Learn About Windows XP's Networking Technologies
Configure dial-up and VPN connections, Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), TCP/IP and Wireless Zero Configuration.

5. Configure Internet Technologies
Configure a secure Internet client environment and instant messaging to enable real-time communication.

6. Explore Remote Desktop Sharing
Find out how to log on to your desktop computer from another computer, host many simultaneous sessions, and perform fast switching.

7. Master Windows XP Security Features
Read about the three major categories of XP security: file system security, account security, and network security.

8. Read About Microsoft's IntelliMirror Technology
See how it is integrated with Active Directory service and Group Policies and used to manage user data and settings.

9. Troubleshoot Windows XP Professional
See how the new Program Compatibility Wizard simplifies application troubleshooting

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2 Dec 2001
Wow, thats a nice find. Tho I don't know the advantages yet.

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