XP DVD-RW problem


21 Feb 2003
Hopefully a simple one
I have windows xp pro and an LG DVD-RW drive. With the drive came a rather nice blank DVD-RW disc. Problem is, Windows xp won't burn on it. XP says the DVD is full or not formatted. I have formatted it and the drive says it is 4.67 or somthing GB free space but no go on the burning?
I tried a CD-RW and the same problem. Everything is OK with normal CD-r's so is XP being a silly bugger. I would use the enclosed software but it wont work on Re-writables :confused: .
Any ideas?
Had you tried using Nero or EasyCD Creator? Also, you may want to check the net to see if there are patches/updates of firmware or drivers for windows for that particular drive.
1) I can't believe that the software that came with the drive won't work with RW's.
2) Try Nero or burnatonce
3) I would recommend staying away from XP's built in burning.
4) Are you trying to use it as Drag and Drop? Did you format it?
If your using the XP Built-in CD recording software, dont. It sucks. You need to get a real burning software.

I tried the XP one, IMHO its horrible.
The one built into XP, doesn't that only support CDR/RWs??
Well if you think about it common DVD+RW/-RW are actually newer than XP !!

Nero does the job tho ;)
Thanx all.
1 - It blows that the software that comes with the DVD dont work on the DVD-Ram that came with it.
2 - Since the first post, I have got it to work with CD-RWs but thats all.
3 - It make sense that the inbuilt writer wont work with dvd-ram coz the the technology is newer
ming said:
The one built into XP, doesn't that only support CDR/RWs??

I believe you are correct, but still the built in one still sucks, its not centralized in one program. To wrote data its the right click meny, for audio cds its media player. I dont think you can make anything else then audio and data cds.
Found the problem. The DVD I have is a DVD-RAM. I think they are completly different to DVD-RW. Should read the packaging first methinks
yeah, its a RAM disk

I have this same drive and it came with a RAM disk. You need to load the DVD-RAM driver that came with the drive and then format it like you would a floppy or hard drive. The you can read/right to it just like a hard drive. :)

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