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XP diskcheck problem



XP's scandisk with the option" fix errors and recover bad sectors"
ticked ,stops at 25% of step 1 after rebooting,does nothing for about 2 minites gives up and continues to desk top.
Any ideas how I can get past this,there is no description of what
the scan stopped at like in Win 98 if you did a scan during boot up
so it is not very helpful at all.
SP1 has been applied and has worked fine for about a month and the computer works fine during operation.
Shutdowns a problem now ,it either hangs after the saving settings bit or it reboots it self to have another go at the scandisk
,it starts to scan at every bootup as well.
Any suggestion around fixing this short of a reistall would be appieciated.


checkdisk with the repair option (either /r or /f) will only run at bootup (before Windows loads) if you are trying to run it on the system drive. Other mounted volumes may be able to dismount, but you are better off running it at startup anyway.

Go to Start - Run and type:
chkdsk c: /r

It will ask if you want to run it on the next boot - say yes. Then reboot.


You might try running the system file checker. Go to start\run and type in "sfc /scannow" without the quotes and a space between sfc and / You will need to have your XP install disk handy too.


Thanks for the tips

Tried safe mode and it said : "windows root\system32\ntoskrnl .exe " it corrupt or missing.
Did " sfc /scannow and fixed that ,but had to reinstall Detinator drivers afterwards.
Did "chkdsk c: /r" and it still stops on 25% and the HHD light blinks at an even rate.
Tried a scandisk with just "look for and attempt to recover bad sectors and the progrees bar stoped at ,you guessed it about 25%.
Any ideas on patching up the drive so it can complete a scan the defrag?
Sounds like your drive is messed up. Try doing a Repair installation of XP. It could also be the drive itself. In that case you need to replace it.


You keep saying scandisk - do you have a dual boot system?

As for chkdsk /r - let it run. If it's found a bad spot it could take a while to fix it. Of course if after an hour or so it's still there then there may be an irreparable disk problem (a reinstall won't help)
XP writes to the hard drive using transactions. The problem you are experiencing is I suspect a rouge programme (or BIOS) that can’t or won’t allow XP to close all of the system functions and drives in a timely manner. This will result in a rollback and consequent “flagged dirty” hard drive. This will cause chkdsk /p to be run automatically when you next boot (Home Edition) as the boot drive must be in an unlocked state. Remove any programmes that don’t use signed drivers, update your BIOS to the latest version. If when you re-boot you don’t get the message “a serious error has been detected” it’s almost certainly a non XP compliant IDE drive or IDE drive set-up incorrectly (wrong DMA transfer rate).

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