XP deployment w/ Ghost

Ok, Heres the deal I have 20 desktops in a lab all networked. Two master installations I will be ghosting onto the machines. (2 different motherboards) I would like to know how to use what I think is known as Ghost multicast to get this done in one day. I'm looking for advice and programs that will help me do this over the network. Thanks, everyone for your help in advance.

omg its nlm

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"from what I remember, may not help but is an idea maybe?"

make a ghost boot disk (one for each type of compter)
Boot from the disk and run ghost.
pull the image from the computer

Then run the multicast and select the PC
How do you start hosting a multicast session? I will have the 2x master machines setup with the image on the hardrive of each. So it will be 9 connections per master machine.
Ok, maybe some more info will help.
Linkysys 24port router(not sure if dhcp is available on it its not under my control.)
20 machines (2x will be master installs with images on harddrive)
onboard nics (onboard Biostar M7VIG-Pro and M7VIQ I believe they are the same driver)

I have Ghost 8.0 corp. I'm just not sure if I have this right.
1. Create Master installs and Create Ghost images
2. Start Ghost multicast(yes i found out how to)
3. Use Ghost boot disk with network support on client machine start multicast

Questions I have is will I need to make 20floppys with 20 different ips if the router doesnt have DHCP enabled? Any other advice from anyone that has done this?

omg its nlm

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I dont think that you will need to make 20 differnt floppies. You just need one for each type of computer. We do it at work but I am not postivie. (im not a tech)