xp defrager.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by eGoalter, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. eGoalter

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    wtf? i went to defrag lastnight, i have a 40 gig maxtor, with 5.6
    gig free space, defrag left me a message this morning saying it needs atleast 15% free space to run effectivly, i had 13 %, so does this actually effect the defrag, or what? ive never seen this before. :confused:
  2. GoNz0

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    Yeh it does. makes it so slow its unbearable.
    try cleaning out your old files and temp folders etc.. compress a few unused appz and proggys u dont use.

    Personally i use executive software diskeeper v7. much better and faster than the built in version. it also intergrates into the xp defrag, taking it over if u will.
  3. Qumahlin

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    You need enough space for the defrag to move files around as it makes them into contiguous blocks then moves them into order. if you don't have enough free space it can't do a good job cause it has to break the files up and such and makes it take long as hell
  4. ghayes

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    The built-in defragmenter really does need at LEAST 15%. You can always try running from the command line and using the -f qualifier, however it will still probably go very slow. Commercial defragmenters like PerfectDisk, Diskeeper, SpeedDisk, O&O Defrag, Defrag Commander all work better with less usable free space. PerfectDisk (for example) will usually work with as little as 5% usable free space.

    - Greg/Raxco Software

    Disclaimer: I work for Raxco Software, the maker of PerfectDisk - a commercial defrag utility and a competitor to the defrag products listed above, as a systems engineer in the support department.
  5. the new O&O defrag pro 4.0 KICKS ASS:) cut my boot time by another 4 secs :) and my HD runs better than ever
  6. heinz57

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    [ NU v 6 ] also work's well.
  7. LightWave

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    Diskeeper 7.0 is enough for me..
  8. Tope

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    Are you giving away any free samples, GHayes?

    ;) ;)
  9. existenz

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    lol Tope ;)

    Diskeeper 7.0 is doing an excellent job for me, shearing away at my boot time, and making my computer all fresh :D
  10. ateizzynuff

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    BloodLust DWS...

    As I recall, from 2K, installing O&O requires the removal of the default defrag utility...right?
    & what if you decide you want to revert to the Windows defragger...?
  11. Shamus MacNoob

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    Diskeeper 7

    Diskeeper 7 here love it both drives are set to auto defrag every 8 hours (NTFS file systems) takes mere minutes to defrag oh gotta love it :D
  12. GoNz0

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    Yup mine defrags in the 5 mins it takes to get beer and munchies from downstairs. cool as.
  13. Skinandbones

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    Wait a sec

    I was under the impression that the recomendation is not to utilize other defrag progs other than the XP defragger. Don't remember from where, but the reason was XP's defrag worked best for XP. Am I wrongly informed? I have Norton SW 2002 installed and updated and will use it if it's OK to do so.
  14. stuy_b

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    Skinandbones, I am under the same impression, about XP defragger being best.

    Most IT people I've asked say the same for XP at least. Diskkeeper is indeed good for NT4, 2000. But for XP, the MS defragger seems best.

    But I guess its whatever floats ya boat at the end of the day!

    My 40Gb drive takes 4mins to defrag, boot-time according to bootvis is now 22secs :D

  15. LightWave

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    Yeah the built in defragger for windows platforms is quite good, but people prefer to test other defragger´s too.

    You could ask "Wich Windows is best, What should i choose, windows or linux OSX (Apple)"?
    Or "why isnt Windows Media Player good enough for some people"? !No becuase someone else prefer Winamp or sonique etc

    its exactly the same with choosing a defragger.

    You choose what your references are saying\writing or what you feel or "find", as a best suitable program (Ap) for you. :p
    I think Diskeeper is a perfect defragger for NTFS systems, like windows 2000 or XP for that matter. ;) That´s why i use it.

  16. ghayes

    ghayes Microsoft MVP

    The built-in defragmenter is limited in the types of files that it can defragment - it can't defragment directories on FATx partitions, the pagefile, the hibernate file, and most of the metadata on NTFS partitions. It also may require more than 1 pass to completely defragment, you may also have to shut down applications, it may not consolidate free space and it strongly recommends that you have at LEAST 15% free space in order to defragment (if you have less, the defrag is far less complete and takes a lot longer). The built-in defragmenter also isn't very easy to schedule - how good are you at writing scripts or working with a command line interface?

    However, for most "home" users, the built-in defragmenter appears to be fine because they don't know what its lacking :)

    - Greg/Raxco Software

    Disclaimer: I work for Raxco Software, the maker of PerfectDisk -a commercial defrag utility, as a systems engineer in the support department.
  17. Skinandbones

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    Would it be in your professional opinion then, that I would benefit from utilizing NU's Speed disk utility to defrag instead of Window's defragger? My 20g WD HD is formatted FAT32 which I left that way from recommendations (home computer, no network, XP Pro).
  18. ghayes

    ghayes Microsoft MVP

    I think that SpeedDisk can do a better job of defragmenting than the built-in defragmenter and it is certainly easier to schedule. However, there are other issues to consider... SpeedDisk doesn't honor the file placement being done by the Windows XP operating system every three days. After you get done running SpeedDisk, you'll probably notice the the files indicated in layout.ini will get moved elsewhere by XP every three days. When you next run SD, it will try to put them someplace else, etc...

    - Greg/Raxco Software

    Disclaimer: I work for Raxco Software, the maker of PerfectDisk - a commercial defrag product and a competitor to SpeedDisk, as a systems engineer in the support department.