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XP Crashes - AFTER Format!


Apple lover, PC User

I've got a problem. I did a format a week ago, due to so major screwing. I installed everything new. Now I am getting blue screens all over the place! From playing Midtown madness to just having word and winamp playing mp3s. The Blue screen goes so fast I can't read it. Since it's almost impossible to just tell me whats wrong, I did a Belarc Advisor on my machine and posted it on my webserver. It's located here or if that doesn't work copy and paste the following: " http://www.centralogn.com/~dan/ntfs/info.htm "

Well, thanks. For more info look at my sig, I'm refering to the computer 'lieb'

Thanks, and any suggestions are welcome.



Hipster Doofus, are u reffering to the updates at the bottom? cause I have a ton of them, they are just updates that will be included in SP2. I had updates with SP1 before it actually came out too and once I installed it they went away. So basically I dont think thats the problem.

One thing it could be is your mobo. I have it too in my other computer with no problems but A LOT of people that have the same board have problems like yrs. Make sure yr BIOS is up to date and drivers.

Also try doing a google search for problems with yr mobo, you might find a solution there.


Apple lover, PC User
My mobo is up to date.
I think I know why, my CPU at the time of crash was about 77c ~ 80c at the time of crash. Could this have caused it?


possibly... although amds are apparantly able to handle temps of upto 90c - saying that though, it might be worth taking the side off your case or something - see if temps drop at all, and see if your PC stops crashing.

best of luck :)

just had a look at the advisor page...
under mainboard information on the right hand side, is this right?

Bus Clock: 66 megahertz

i would've thought it should be 133 or 166?? I could be totally wrong as I'm not fully clued up on the athlon xp range...


Yeah, that can be yr problem. 77c is pretty extreme for CPUs.
Does it run that hot the whole time or just when it crashes? Try to open up yr case and put a fan by it.


Apple lover, PC User
I took off the side panel and the crashing stopped. Looks like I'm going to have to resolve that problem...

oh well.



Gus K

NTFS abuser
CPU at the time of crash was about 77c ~ 80c at the time of crash. Could this have caused it?
Way bad, when AMD's say 90, they mean internal die temp, not chip edge that most mobo's report.

Bad fan, improperly installed HS, very high case temps. Fix it. You wanna be at 55c tops, under load.


Apple lover, PC User
The problem isn't fans or anything, I have 5 fans (with the powersupply, and CPU fan) It's the location that is the problem. It's in little space that you can close the door, therefore trapping the heat. This will be resolved soon, as when I move (In late July) I will have a completly different setup.

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