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XP & CPU 100% Usage eg. IE takes time or hang when starting



Do give some reply

If you people got anymore tips or comments pls post. thanks.
whats the use of having a high-end performance computer if this problem is not resolve... right


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do you have MSN messenger running as well on startup?

I dled all the latest MSN stuff and what happened is it started using up my resources..

easiest way for you to solve this problem is if you did NOT have trouble before... just do a quick restore back to a time when the trouble was not there.. if you have trouble with the new IE 6 bundled with XP... just dl and use the older IE and dl all the patches for it..

if all else fails... dl net... net... net.... I can't bring myself to say it... that other browser from AOL... :(

the quickrestore SHOULD solve your troubles...

Press (CTRL-ALT-DEL) at the same time ! Then click on the Processes Tab and look in the CPU row for what is using it all up.

Dont kill the " System Idle Process " Its normal for it to have a high number !

Kill that program and remove it from add/remove programs or just take it out of the startup.

Type : MSCONFIG in the Run box. You can remove it from start up there. After you re-boot , Xp will tell you that you made some changes. Check the box to not show this again !!!!

Hope this helps !!!!!!


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