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Hi all,

I have tried to get a response in another thread but my posts seem to be overlooked. I hope someone might take the little time to respond and help me out. I would like to change my XP Corp edition to XP Pro (Reg) without any hassle and would like to know the best avenue to do this.

I have a MSDN key on my Corp edition and would like to be all setup with XP Pro so I don't have any trouble when SP1 comes out.

Please help me out,


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So ya got a Developers Network Key?

Did ya get it in a, ummmm... legit way? (Is it legal) :rolleyes:

If ya did then don't worry about it.


In order to change XP Corp into XP Pro, you will have to buy it!

It is possible to switch XP Corp to Pro by using a valid (purchased) key, but Windows Activation requires that the disc used be unique (unique CD-Serial). If the CD you have was burned* or is the official XP Corporate CD, it will not activate because the CD is registered to a corporate license.

* It is legal to burn a copy of Windows XP Corporate as long as it is being used in accordance to the EULA for Corporate users. It states that the OS on a PC under the corporate license can be installed from any disc (official or burned) as long as the PC has a valid, unique, and registered license.


Yes, I have a legit MSDN key that my dad paid 2000 for the Universal sub for but I was too impatient at school so I installed the illegit corp edition. I have since changed keys so that the legit key is riding with a corp edition. I do now have access to the MSDN XP Pro so that is all legit.

I just don't want to find that I have to reinstall everything and I want the changeover to be painless. Will it be?


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