Xp Context Menu Freezes PC



The "Go To" in my context menu is causing a freeze of my PC in XP Home. When my mouse pointer hovers over this link, my screen blanks and I can only cure this by using Ct. Alt Del and close/restart. Can anyone suggest a cure plese


'Xp Context Menu Freezes PC'

Hi Hipster Doofus, When I was transfering files via a floopy disc , from an old PC with Win 98 to my new with Xp I used the Right Click context menu . After a time when I clicked on "Send To" the whole screen blanked and the machine froze. I was unable to do anything except re-boot via the windows task manager's shutdown . Hope this helps to understand problem

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
So your problem is within 98? Only thing I came across was that if you have installed tweakui & loaded 'send to x' it could cause a problem.

"NOTE! Some users have reported problems using the Windows 98 Send To Desktop feature after installing SendToX . It just stops working. If this is a problem on your system, you can download registry fixes from the files section of WinTips&Tricks at this link"
SendTo Fix for Windows 98

If that is not your problem don't use it.


No , the problem is on my new XP PC. I have not loaded Tweekuk. In My new PC I was right clicking on the A disc icon I put on the desk top inorder to move files from A to C disc.
It's here that the problem started and is still with me. I now use file target software to replace the Send To command.

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