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XP color schemes

Sorry you can't have more schemes, But there are workarounds. You can get lots of new themes by using WindowBlinds, StyleXP or UXTheme patches.
I like the interface here at NTFS. Now that would look cool with XP.. Holy Cow when will IE make a new version and get with the 22nd century. How long has Opera and Mozilla been providing skins for their browsers. This is ridiculous I'd have to download some add-on program just to put on some simple skins..
yeah, IE would be nice with some skins.. i hate 2 menus on the top.. i want the buttons and address bar on the same level as the File, Edit, View, ect.
Man I must be loosing it. I use Fastbrowser almost all the time. Its just an enhanced IE browser but faster and has some additional options. One of which is to change the skin. "too much herb back in the 70's"..
heh, i guess i never tried it, but you can do it with XP... i guess i never unlocked it and tried moving it vertically.. always tried just horizontally.

too bad XP doesnt let us modify the colors in the theme so we can atleast Match a background we like.


yup XP is limited, I'd highly recommand StyleXP over anything else

WindowsBlinds is hell, for all too many reasons to explain
Wow! I loaded SyleXP two days ago and I can't stop searching for new wallpaper. Great program. Thanks ViperSnake and Valone.. I'm now working on the boot screens once I find my boot.ini ?


anyone know where the ntfs patcher still is? this is just tried and true for me, i do not want a new one, just the same old ntfs one that came about during the xp-erience days.


Now, im not sure where i got it from, but
an older vers. of longhorn transtion wiz,
they give you a few new themes....


is stylexp free?

is stylexp free??? i only see the payed verson...i want it free wimpers

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