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I've tried everything I can think of to fix this problem, but it is occurring on two of my computers. When I go into a game of Team Fortress Classic, sometimes my ping will be stable. More often, I will play for a few minutes and suddenly my ping shoots through the ceiling, I get a CL_FlushEntityPacket error. If I don't exit, I get a Net_SendPacket error. The last one read (get this):

Net_SendPacket Error: No Error

Now, that's just nuts. This is happening on two computers with similar hardware. It is also happening to a lot of other online gamers and there doesn't seem to be a fix that helps everyone.

Stuff I've tried:

1. Disabling QoS Packet Scheduler
2. Re-enabling QoS Packet Scheduler
3. Disabling my NIC
4. Disabling my sound card(s)
5. Making sure comm port and modem port speeds were set to 115200.
6. Setting comm port and modem port speeds to 57600
7. Disabling the firewall
8. Disabling all startup items
9. Disabling TCP/IP on my network card.
10. Installing IPX protocol
11. Turning on EAX / Turning off EAX
12. Uninstalling XP PowerToys
13. Setting game to run in Win 98 compatibility mode
14. Installing the latest 4 in 1 drivers
15. Setting flow control to hardware
16. Setting the QoS bandwidth limit to zero.
17. Other stuff I can't think of right now.

Some of these sound like voodoo magic, but others claimed it solved their problems, so I tried them.

Both computers are connecting directly to the Internet via USR Courier v. Everything External modems

Hardware for Computer 1 Experiencing this Problem:

1. IWill KK266
2. Athlon 1 GHz pencil tricked to 133 FSB
3. 256 megs of PC-133 SDRAM
4. Gainward GeForce3
5. SB Live!
6. On-board C-Media sound (I have used two sound cards in the past with no problems...long story as to why I need two)
7. Two Courier v. Everything EXT. modems (I use multilink for downloads...fastest thing I can get here and yeah, I know it sucks.)
8. Realtek NIC with four computers on LAN
9. Intellimouse Optical (USB)
10. Other USB items

Computer Number 2

1. IWill KK266
2. 1 GHz T-Bird Pencil-Tricked to FSB 133
3. 256 megs PC-133 SDRAM
4. On-board C-Media sound
5. Radeon LE
6. Realtek NIC
7. Courier v. Everything External

Maybe it's a stupid VIA problem. I don't know. Computer number 1 is running a fairly recent BIOS, the one that supposedly fixed the SB Live! and IDE transfer problems.

I'm really at my wits' end here, seriously considering going back to Win 2K. I don't know how long to wait before throwing in the towel and re-formatting back to an earlier Operating System. Has anyone here heard of this...do you have some ideas for me?
Causing High Pings During Netgames(Reply)

if you are having trouble with your pings, you may need to do a system refresh for your system. i take it that you have WindowsXp? if so, when the computer boots up, hit the F10 Button on your computer, as you as your computer comes up. Then, go to "Advanced options", and keep clicking the icon that says "Next", until your computer begins the System refresh-WARNING, doing this will delete whatever you had on your system, before commencing with the refresh. you will have to reload whatever isp you are with, as you finish with the refresh. This refresh is also good for taking a virus off of your hard drive, too. let me know if you have any more problems. Or, you can also start a system refresh by starting at the start icon, and going to "HP Tools", and then by going to system recovery. The system will ask you if you really want to do this, and click "yes". This will usually delete any problems you had in the past.

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