XP Boots in 3-4 minutes.....Why?




I`ve read a load of posts in this forum regarding boot-up times and its seems that the average time is around 15-20 secs.

Well I have tried everything to make my PC do the same as currently mine takes 3-4 minutes.

I use Windows XP Professional, Pentium III, 360MB, Geforce 2MX, DVD, CD-Re-Writer. My PC is NOT networked.........

I have tried Bootvis and various other start-up programs but they don`t work for me........shaved about 10 secs off my original boot-up time.

Can anyone please give me some advice on how to solve this problem...? I`m stuck..............


Jez :confused:

ps. any help (little or large) is very much appreciated.
Do you have a copy of your Bootvis trace? Have a look at it and see what is taking the longest. It may be a hardware detection issue causing the long delay. Maybe you could attach your trace file so we could look at it.
Boot problem

Try using msconfig.exe in the run command box to see what is booting up, it does the same thing msconfig does in win 98-se
you can stop and start items from booting up with windows so you can eliminate one by one to see which prog might be the culprit if it is a program problem:D

I saw you first post that states your PC isnt networked. To get a slow boot with XP, your PC doesnt have to be networked, it just has to have a network card. If it is built on to your motherboard by chance, disable it if it isnt being used.

Also I couldnt open your link (binary file, prolly for bootvis but im to lazy to bust out that program..hehehe), but i did notice thewords "satellite drivers" in the url you posted. Is there some type of broadband modem installed? This may be a culprite also.

thats my 2 cents! Take it for what its worth or dont bend over to pick it up :D

Hope this helps!
i had the same problem,,,,,,,,

the task bar wouldnt be useable till after 2 minutes,,, BUT it stopped dpoing that of its own accord after 2 months, so now it workds properly,, ( i never found out why i does it)
My Taskbar works ok.........takes a few seconds after the welcome screen.

My PC at work....takes 20-30 secs to boot up.

Can`t understand what the problem is?




ps. I`m on 56k dial-up.............
im not sure then,,,,,

maybe its an issue with THE UPGRADE EDITIONS
Every tried to do a clean install and see how long it takes to boot up with just XP on your hard drive. If it still takes 3-4 mins, then try to go into the bios and change those settings. Make sure there aren't lots of programs in your notification area at startup as that means you are loading them and that prolongs your boot time.

i found the cause,,,,, LOL it was something to do with MSN Messanger, i reformatted recently, and deinstalled msn and my boot probs went away....

i think microsoft products are conflicting with the OS
Try this for slow taskbar load.

A possible fix to the slow taskbar load at startup is as follows. Run MSCONFIG using Run... in start menu. Select the "Services" tab and deselect the "Workstation" service. Set MSCONFIG to run in "Selective Start-up" mode. Exit MSCONFIG. Reboot when prompted. When XP reboots you will be notified that MSCONFIG is running is selective mode and that certain services may not work properly. You are given the option to suppress this message on future boots. Choose to suppress warning. Your problem will likely be solved.

Note: networked systems might not work properly with this service deselected. I run XP at home with no network and this fix works. My system now boots in 25s. It used to take 4-5 min. (800MHz Celeron, 256MB RAM).

It may not be related, but I encountered the same problem with the taskbar unavailable because of a damn hourglass ! I figured out that Kaspersky AV Personal Pro might be the cause as soon as I installed it. I don't have the patience to wait for 3-4 minutes: I reset thinking that XP is frozen or even has crashed at boot... Usually, after reset, it loads fine ! The problem occurs every two boot or reboot !
Is it related to KAV really, I'm not sure at all, but... ?

What AV do you use Jez ?
Is there an AV that will not slow down the computer? Most of them seem to have conflicts with the OS...
damn that windows messenger..i use it, but i don't have it on my startup..i like things fast, especially my pc..ehehe;)

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