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xp blocks some folders from share over LAN



i told xp to share my c drive for read only with my other pcs on my home lan. but it keeps blocking some folders from share (like "documents and settings" and "program files"). :huh: how do i tell xp to share the c drive with no folder restrictions (just read only restrictions)?
You'll have to set the permissions for those folders manually. Right-click on them, Properties, Security. Then add read access for Everyone (think that's the term, I don't have english XP).
Then add read access for Everyone
I would be careful doing this. If you are connected to the net (which I am assuming is a yes) and you have no firewall you might as well just send out an invite. I can't really understand why you would need such files/folders open. You are aware that with the administrator password you can browse to a UNC path of "\\YOURCOMPUTERNAME\c$" In XP and 2000 the HDs are shared as "administrative shares" They are hidden and accessable by anyone who has a local account on that PC. By adding a "$" at the end of any share you can also create a hidden share. To browse just open up a "RUN" box and type "\\COMPUTERNAME\sharename" Hope this helps.


although you would need "file and printer sharing" to be enabled on the internet connection, which most people do not have enabled unless there is a router in the way

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