XP Apps you didn't know you had!



themafia.69 said:
wow cool stuff man howd u get that, i like the iexpress thing
Well was having a debate about it at another tech site I know most of you visit as I have seen you there and I saw those two posted and I thought, dam it yeah, I forgot about those 2, the others are pretty easy, so I expect they should be all posted soon! :D
Here we go again, his sig and avatar have been discussed in another thread - no it isn't a joke, and yes I do support him. Nothing I hate more than a Liberal.


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For God's sake. Ignore Nighthawk. He does exactly the same thing on the SteamPowered forums. He has a real penchant for overgeneralisation, he is an occasional hypocrite, he boasts about his place of education, then uses less-than-perfect English, and he refuses to see any positive aspects of governments or political parties he doesn't like, namely the Republicans and Tories. I would consider myself in the middle - I think I have some right-wing opinions, and some left-wing - but Nighthawk has, on occasion, behaved almost badly as the extreme right-wingers, who preach all the bull about America's superiority. His favourite topic is how America is responsible for most of the world's problems. Unless he starts to conduct himself in a politically friendly (that is, 'neutral') manner, I strongly recommend that you ignore him when he waxes lyrical about all of that.

On the subject of the original thread, good find! Windows always throws up surprises, good and bad!
even not considering what PD said, Nighthawk, your post is completely irrelevant to the topic. you pointed out an idiotic way to get to the task manager. WHOOPIE!!!11!1 This thread is about APPS you didn't know XP had. if someone here didn't know that XP had a task manager (and the fact that it's not an App, and more of a utility), they are either a complete idiot, or were born yesterday. Next time you go to post something, make sure you know exactly what you're talking about, and know what the thread is talking about. what you said would be like..... going into a thread where someone is talking about how much they love their new GeForce 6800 Ultra they just bought, and suggesting that ATI would be a good buy as well.


I'm sorry Hal...
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what the hell? why have people started yelling about politics here for?.
Quit it!, there's several other politics threads, go post there or make you own
Unleashed said:
Here we go again, his sig and avatar have been discussed in another thread - no it isn't a joke, and yes I do support him. Nothing I hate more than a Liberal.
I take it the post above this got deleted, because I can't see anything!!!

American Zombie

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Secures XP Account database - Use with care


You can use this to change where the system password is stored (like on removable media instead of on operating system) or to have to enter one before system will start up. Just click on the update button to see what you can change.
Ricky - yeah, someone (not naming any names) asked Lee if his sig was a joke. :roll:

Anyway! Back on topic, I like that one Mr. Zombie, more useful than people take it for. :)

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