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When I installed XP, I didn't unplug my zip drive which is in parallel with my printer - I, mistakenly, only unplugged the printer. When I realized that the zip wasn't yet recognized I installed the iomega software but found afterwards that XP reboots everytime it reaches the XP screen when the drive is plugged in. I uninstalled the software, restarted and then plugged in the drive, XP finds the new hardware - I see it say so and that it's iomega - then it immediately reboots, reaches the XP screen, reboots, etc. This happens until I unplug the zip drive. Does anyone know how I can attach the zip drive with XP?


What is the error message you are getting when it reboots? make sure you go to control panel, system, advanced, then startup and recovery options and check it so that the computer DOES NOT auto restart that way you can see the error code so we can know if ti is a xp poblem or a driver problem. this should help in the diagnosin :)
I hadn't gotten any error message so I did as you instructed and turned off the automatic reboot. Plugged in the drive, searched for new hardware, XP found it and it works. I don't know what was going on before and even rebooted twice to see if I'd see a problem message, but there was none.

Thanks for letting me know about setting the automatic reboot to off. I think I'll keep it that way.

no prob just glad it works now, I hate anooying problems like that heehh

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