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XP and SB Live installation help



I have downloaded the latest drivers from SB's site, installed them, asked to reboot, i rebooted, windows loads, found new hardware, then asks me to put in the CD or disk... i have no cd or disk, just the driver package from SB that I d/l..... directed the path to the extracted files from the drive package, and it said no go......

what do I do? i want to use EAX for my games :mad:

thanks for the tips in advance

If you can wait a while, til I get back to the UK and get ADSL (in about 2 weeks) then I can send it to you by KaZaA or something like that
actually, EAX is in the harware, not the software... so if you install the MS drivers, and then have a game that utilizes EAX, you will be fine, besides... creative's drivers waste resources, and make the card about as good as an on-board.

best of luck


Originally posted by Bretenn
go download the liveware from creative site.
that was the most unhelpful reply. read my posts. geez.


i used MS' drivers, but then when i played SOFII, and selected EAX and it wouldnt work at all.. .

so what do I do ??


europe.creative.com have the full XP SBLive! drivers for ALL the models. split into seperate downloads..

the drivers , recorder, MDplayer, PlayCentre.

If you want the CD, you will have to goto the shop on the website its £5 sterling. I got one afew months ago..it has full XP drivers also.

DONT USE the drivers from windowsupdate.. THEY ARE BAD.. and dont allow FULL SB support.

Hope that helps.


i've tried all of the friggin drivers form US and the europe sites... they dont work. and i have no idea what £5 sterling is


UK money!! (£5 sterling)

Well matey.. sounds like your driver database is screwed.. try reverting to XPs default drivers, by using the roll back option from the device manager. then try re-installing new XP drivers.. Other than that your only other choice is to reformat and reinstall XP.

Have you asked in the creative SBlive forum for help, thats another idea.


im going to try removing the card (after uninstalling everything that ahs to do with SB)

then search the registry for creative and sound blaster, remove it, put my card in, and install xp drivers, then try to install the sb live xp drivers......

also, are the audigy cards better supported with XP??

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