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Does anyone in here run XP and Linux???
I was wondering what Linux will work decently with XP installed on the second partition???
No, both of them will work fine, since they will be completely independent of each other.

Basically, you will get a menu when you first start your computer asking you if you want to boot into XP or Linux.

Good luck! :)


this is sort of related to this post so i figured ill post here instead of making a whole new thread.the question is whats the best linux for begginers to linux?i run XP pro but i hear lots of good things about linux and want to set up a dual boot to try it out :)
Mandrake, Red Hat, Lycoris.
Mandrake is known to be n00b friendly. Red Hat is easy as far as I know (haven't used it).
Lycoris is made to be XP-lookalike so it should be easy.
I've got Mandrake 9.0 and XP running on the same hard drive. LILO (Linux Loader) is installed into the MBR by default and in the case of the version supplied with Mandrake is able to recognise both FAT32 and NTFS partitions so there is no problem booting into either system.

However XP cannot recoiginse the Linux file system so when you are running XP you won't be able to access any Linux partition. If you want a common area for sharing files you can set up Samba but don't ask me how to do it!

i've run linux + XP off a dual boot before... mandrake as well as redhat.. both work pretty well...

one piece of advice would be.. if yer are a noob.. (much like me) install windows XP first.. then linux afterwards... as it will auto install the LILO boot config... so you dont have to go messing with all the settings trying to work it out

another things is seeing files... 'thing' (yeah.. i'm up2date with my technical terms :)) which lets you mount yer XP hdd when you boot linux.. so you can use the files off it... (thats whats soo cool about open source.. ppl have the time to waste on working on stuff like this :D).. saw it over at sourceforge somewhere... i'll keep an eye out for it :)



While we are on the subject of linux, may I ask a big noob question.

What is the native executable file type for linux ? If there is one...

I have installed Mandrake 9.0, but I cant figure out how to install anything. What gives ? I looked for info online and they all say to open up a command line and type in lots of stuff, and thats just way over my head at the moment.

Maybe someone could break this down for me.

Something simple, like how do you install AOL IM on Linux ?


well i am your basic linux n00b but i can tell you that most things that you dont "open up a command line and type in lots of stuff" aka Compile, they usualy come in a rpm file, most of your noob distros can open them, maybe somebody can give you a more in depth explanation :D


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You can get RPMs which install with an RPM installer you can also get things that have to be installed with make commands.

Eggdrop and the Audigy Sound Drivers use Make command
Luna64 - i have absolutely no idea myself m8.. as i;m no linux expert... but interesting point... think i'll try to get a member of the site team whose experienced with linux to write one up for this section... certainly would help me ;)


Edit: If any of the site members would like to do one up for us.. would be highly appreciated :)


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There isnt really a native executable in Linux, though I think that there are files that identify themselves as executable through some other means
For example you could have a file called makefile, which will respond to a make command within its folder.
If you are tryin to install something then there is usually a readme for the "less confident users"

I think there is a KDE program that will connect to AIM servers, I cant remember what it is called though.

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What a topic to post on for l33t


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Check these links out !!!!


http://www.codeweavers.com/home/ use this to install and

run windows programs or games !!

Running windows proggies in Linux is the dumnest thing i have ever heard of. O well.

BTW in linux there are lot of things you have to configure on the command line. Unless you got an extra box sitting around to mess with. I dont sugges you multi boot to try stuff out. You can break Linux really easy if you are new to it.

N00b distros:
RH ( Okay )
ManDrake ( Also known as man****. Not a distro i would suggest unless you dont want to learn )
Debian ( Sweet, stable, and nice, X and all comes with it )

Linux alternative:
Want to learn more about Linux and Unix, and all in general? Then get FreeBSD. Powerfull BSD distro and includes all the fun stuff. Bit harder for newbies, but if it is a learning experience, break it and abuse it. It is really easy to do stuff and definitly worth while. Some people might even find that it runs faster or more stable on their boxes.


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