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I upgraded to XP about 2 months ago and immediately after setup had finished I started having display problems. I did a clean install of XP, once it started to boot up for the first time my monitor went black (no signal) and my keyboard/mouse lights went out as if it wasn't detected. I called the Microsoft hotline for installation and they couldn't really help me. I could get it to work only in safe mode. Somehow,, it finally started working. Don't ask me how,, MS didn't tell me anything I hadn't allready tried and I don't know of anything I did differently when it finally started working. Now, I was working on a monitor for a friend,, and I hooked it up to my computer to burn it in and after 5 minutes of on time the same thing happens with it. The monitor will turn black (no signal) and keyboard/mouse will lose power. I've updated all my video/keyboard/mouse drivers and updated all the updates on the XP update site. I'm using a ATI All in wonder Radeon DDR AGP video card. Also with this vid card my TV tuner locks my computer up every time I try to open it. I have removed the card and booted using my built in vid drivers and then reinstalled the ATI,, this didn't help. Thanks if anyone has any clue as to what to do or has had any of the same problems.
I would check your powersupply if the monitor and graphics card work fine on another machine

Run Some diagnostics on the motherboard too
Bad earth perhaps ??

I recently built my own system ASUS A7V266 Athlon 1.4 @ 1.53 with 512 mb's pc2100 ddr ram and a geforce 3.
And i also had this problem with the stuff shutting down and the like.
1. make sure the board is earthed properly coz it doesnt sound software.
2.ensure your ram is properly pushed into place.
3.and finally make sure that the graphic card is seated spot on as this caused my board loads of hassels.
You didnt state that your system crashed when u ran it with the inbuilt graphics chip...coz if all is ok till u plug in that new one......umm im guessing its the new card..
Give us a follow up so as to let us know your findings....u never know i may have this problem one day lol.:D :D

ATI just issued some beta drivers for the Radeon Family and it seems to have stabalized my system. My Tuner works now and so far no monitor problems. Plus my graphix seems to be a little better. Thanks for all your info..
1) Make sure you have the latest drivers from ATI's site
2) Make sure you've installed your monitor's drivers and display properties correctly identifies your monitor
3) Make sure your refresh rate is within acceptable parameters for your monitor.

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