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XP Activation Offline?



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I've just set up a PC for one of my friends, but they don't currently have a phone line where they're living - is there any way to activate XP by any other manner other than being connected to the internet?



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I think you can phone up the Microsoft support line and give the details that way. Not sure though, as I have a OEM version.

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Good grief Charlie Brown
Grab a pen & paper. Make sure it works properly. Go to the public telephone & call the number that you get when you try to activate xp at your friends computer. Bring up activation & follow the steps for ringing them. There is a number there that you will need to write down also. When you call get ready to be given a lot of numbers & I mean a lot so find a quiet place. numbers numbers numbers.............


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If you have a cell phone you can call while in front of 'Puter and type in all the info as it is being told to you.

Cause when you try the activation it will as the type of connection you have or if you wish to call up MicroSquish. Activation will give you a toll free number to call. It takes about 10mins. to do the whole process by phone/cell phone.

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