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18 Jan 2002
ok I have had issues with every OS even after replacing everthign put the cpu, and power supply. So I tried someting I connected my Hardrives on the IDE instead of the added SCSI. And installed Windows 2000 Advanced Server and everthing is fine. I really want XP and would like to have my dvd and cdrw on seperate connections to the board. If i place everything separate everything fails. Just FYI thats CdRw, DVD, 20GB 7200RPM HD, and 6.4GB 5400RPM HD, 512DDR, XP1500+, Geforce 2 TI 64MB DDR, SB live 5.1, and NIC. Anyone have the same issue? Is this just not possible to setup all drive separately? Micosoft blames hardware even after replacement "its the memory they say".
Sorry man, I've heard that when trying to use all the ports on certain mobos that have the built in raid there are some serious staility issues, no clue how to go about fixin em =/
Thank you very much for your reply. Thats something I really wasnt aware of. (feels dumb...lol) I might have to check into that with Asus. Thanks man.
So only one person knows anything....come on I know you guys and girls out there know all .....lol...anyone else??
I am run windows XP home on an Asus A7V266-E with AMD XP 1700, I have a 60GB maxtor 7200rpm, a 8x DVD and a 12x CDRW and I have had no problems. The hd and dvd are on the primary, the CDRW is on the secondary. I am not using the raid yet. I plan to put a mirrow hd on it. I have heard of some problems with the promise controller, but I seen somewere, it said to do the lates driver update to fix the problem. If you are only using the four hds, try putting the on your primary and secondary ribbons (ie. hd & dvd on primary/hd & CDRW on secondary). Hope this helps.
this is what i would do

put your harddrives on one ribbon. Put your cd rom + burner on the other ribbon. Then set everything to cable select. maybe this will help.

Good luck
I was really trying to go for HD1 on Primary RAID, HD2 Secondary RAID, CDRW primary IDE, DVD secondary IDE. All with separate cables. I understand what you mean about both hds on same cable but I have that now and it pauses everytime i have a cd in or try to access something from each HD at the same time. However, with everything on one its fast as can be just have that minor cant boot problem ....lol..the missing or corrupt hive file "system".
I am using the same MB. At the moment I am using 2 HDs as separate arrays which will allow me 8 IDE connections (until I can afford some more HDs ;)

Promise 1+0 Stripe/RAID01.10 (20.51 GB) drive 1
Promise 1+0 Stripe/RAID01.10 (20.51 GB) drive 2
WDC WD450AA-77BAA0 (45.02 GB) drive 0 (PM/IDE)

I have one HD on the Primary Raid and one on the Secondary Raid. I also have one HD on the Primary IDE and my CDRW on the Secondary IDE. All is working fine. I did choose to use the 3rd Party (F6) Option at the initial install of XP. I had put the promise drivers on a floppy so they would be available.
I dont have matching HD's in but I'm not sure if that matters. I just connected them without changing anything around. I didnt choose F6 on XP install and it installed fine. Then after first reboot bam corrupt or missing windows\system32\config i use the recovery console to restore and all is ok till i reboot. Do I need to set something up on my HD's on RAID. I had the 20GB 7200RPM is set to master on primary RAID and my 6.4GB 5400RPM on secondary RAID. for now its HD1 and HD2 on primary IDE and cdroms on secondary IDE. Please help me if you know anything at all. I hate the short freeze when its reading a cdrom
You do not need matching HDs. Tho the smaller should be your primary. I have both raid drives set as master. If you do not choose to use the 3rd party drivers, winxp will use it's generic controller drivers. I'm sure this is your problem.
I sent you a pm on the steps which I used.

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