XP 3200+ or Save My Money


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I currently have the setup in my sig. My question would be, would it be smarter to save my money for an Athlon 64 rig? I probably would be building a new computer in the next 2 years anyway, but I just want to see what people's input is...Would I notice that much of a performance increase if I went with the 3200+?



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Definitely save up for an AMD64. There's absolutely no point on spending money on a minor upgrade from 1.8GHz~ to 2.2GHz.
If you upgrade to the 3200+ now without formatting and re-installing windows you'd probably get the same performance as your existing rig with a reformatted and re-installed OS.


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the only reason that I am questioning it is because my current rig is limited to a 200 mhz fsb, when it should be able to go up to 400mhz. It is being limited by the processor.


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I'd say go for the minor upgrade only if you think you can keep it for another 2 years. Although you'd notice some difference in performance, I'm not sure it'd be a wise investment if you're going to upgrade again within 2years. But it's your choice at the end of the day.

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There is also the XP3000+ which is 400FSB but you have to make sure you get the right one as there is also a XP3000+ that runs at 333FSB.

The 400FSB XP3000+ has about the same performance as the XP3200+ but costs less money.
uhm there isnt a thing as a 400mhz fsb athlon chip. they are all 200mhz.

the 400bit only refers to the fact that the ram operates at double the us clock speed and is therefore working at an effective 400mhz.

Same with the amd64's, 200mhz HT speed clock multiplied.


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LordofLA is right. Your bios will only say 200mhz FSB. But in actuality, you're getting 400FSB. Besides, it's not worth it to upgrade to the 3200. If you do upgrade I'd go with an Athlon XP Mobile 2600. Easy to overclock and very stable. Can exceed the 3200 speeds easily.

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