xp 3000+ or 64 2800+?


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14 May 2004
I currently am running an AthlonXP 2500+ barton on an asus a7n8x-dlx rev.2 with 2 sticks of 256 Corsair XMS pc2700.

I've decided to make a relatively minor upgrade to my system and have narrowed it down to one of two options and was wondering what you guys thought would be the best option price/performance wise.

1. keep my current system and just upgrade my cpu to an AthlonXP 3000+ 400fsb chip and maybe upgrade my memory to corsair xms pc3200 a bit down the road.

2. upgrade to a k8t800 mobo and an athlon64 2800+ cpu and keep the rest of my system as is, and maybe upgrade my ram to that xms pc3200 sometime down the road.

what do you guys think is best? I plan on upgrading the system in the next month or so, and am wondering if I should even bother right now with all the new cpus/chipsets apparently slated for release soon.

What should I do?


Here's my system:

AthlonXP 2500+ barton
Asus a7n8x-dlx rev.2
Zalman cnps7000 alcu fan/heatsink
ati radeon pro 9500 256mb
WD special edition 80gb 8mb 7200rpm
2x256 corsair xms pc2700
Antec Sonata case
Since you already have a 2500+, I don't see the point in splashing out money on a minor upgrade like that. I agree with dreamliner77 with the waiting.
PCI Express and BTX motherboards should be out hopefully by 2005/06. I won't mention DDR2 coz haven't heard much about it in recent months.
I'm in about the same situation, only my GFX card is complete shiat. What I'm planing to do is go up over a gig of RAM and add a better gfx card.

AMD 2500+
MSI K7N2 Ultra 400
512 Kingston PC3200 (going to a gig of Corsair, prolly value ram, but paying xtra $$$ for low latency is overrated IMHO)
IBM 40 gig HDD (need to scavenge my 80 WD Jumbo Buffer from another pc)
Nvidia FX5200 (getting a FX5900 XT, Either MSI- very quiet or Leadtek- overclocks to nearly a 5950. unless the 9800XTs or FX5950s drop to under $300 (-: )

that should let me play games with details on high, maybe HL2 and Doom3 will be at lower resolutions. but who knows, eh?

Other than that I am going to wait on 64bit 'till the pinset settles down to 939 and the PCI Express mobos come out. I'm planning on 2005, probably after tax returns.
vuronev if you are so intent on upgrading I would wait to go to a new mobo for a while, til the amd 64 socket 939 comes down in price and has full support for pci express and ddr2...you are still in good shape with your stuff with still having about above mid end stuff in your comp...

if you have money burning your pocket go for a higher processor or some better ram but don't break the bank

now if you had what I'm running...p4 1.6 blah blah I would say buy something lower high end like I'm doing for not a lot of money...but you are in good shape
I have the same processor and motherboard. I have two sticks of 256 and one 512 to allow dual channel. I am also VERY tempted to upgrade, but you know what? It would not be worth it at all. I mean this computer is fast enough (well ok maybe not but it is a very good system). I much rather wait until next year sometime when (hopefully) DDRII is out along with SATA II, BTX mobos with PCI express and some other exciting stuff. Not worth spending the money IMO on current technology. If you can hold out at least six months the prices will drop considerably. I'm holding out not because of the cost, but because it would be a waste to upgrade now.
You did not say why you want to upgrade. If it's for better gaming forget the CPU, the 9500 PRO is the bottle neck. If you want faster video, audio, office app's then the CPU can buy oyu some improvement.

The XP path is worthless for you. The 256mhz ddr with dual ddr support will have as much bandwidth as the 3200 (400mhz) ram. The Proc FSB is a bottle neck. The step from Barton at 2500 to XP3200 won't be noticeable. Save you rmoney.

The 64 Bit option will provide improved memeory bandwidth (~800 mhz) and there will be performance improvements. Then when (if) 64 bit windows gets released and 64 bit applications start coming out you will see another noticeable jump. Down side is the current socket type (i,e, affordable) is being discontinued and the new family of chips and MB costs and arm and a leg right now. Same story is true in the Intel product line.

1) Overclock the Barton FSB to get ~2800 and push the RAM too. Raise the RAM wait states if necessary. With the big cache on the Barton you don't care about RAM wait states. This will buy you the same speed increase as spending money on a new CPU. You may have to spend $25 for a better HFS for the CPU if you are running the stock one.

2). Now wait 6-12 months for M$ to get off it's butt and release Windows 64 BIT and prices on the new AMD socket to drop. CHipsets are improving too squeezing more bandwidth out of the cpu interfaces.

As for PCI express. That is a major upgrade (everything has to be replaced) so it's not in scope for what you were planning.

If you absolutely must spend some money now put it into 2 sticks of 512 MB, PC3200 RAM. Then you can run your CPU and RAM synchronously with a pushed FSB (I'm running my Barton and PC2700 RAM at 366 mHz with no stability problems.)

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