XP + 21.83 = CRASH. Help!



Brand new computer. Athlon 1800+, Geforce TI500, Windows XP, all bells and whistles. Start up Flight Simulator FS2002. Wow! Go to bed late, but happy bunny. Next day, start up again. Fly a while. Suddenly screen freezes, blacks out. Reboots: "System has recovered from a serious error. Possible device failure. Driver for Geforce seems to be responsible for system instability." Gee, doc, thanks for the diagnosis - but what's the cure? Error report to Microsoft, awaiting reply. So what's going on? Driver is 21.83, allegedly optimised for XP. Can anyone help? Consensus in flight sim community seems to be that 12.41 is most stable. Would that help / be compatible with XP? Advice would be much appreciated by this very frustrated virtual pilot.
me too

I also have fs2002 and I keep on getting almost exactly the same message, BUT I am running a kyro card.

My specs

AMD 800 Celeron
512 Meg Ram
50 Gig HD
Driver crash

Hi, Kris. Ain't it a b*****! Did you send the error report to Microsoft? If so, did you get a reply? I've heard nothing for three days.
nope, I have sent several crash reports and heard nothing from MS, still they are offering free tech support soon, I'm going to try their tech support for FS rather than XP.

You should try the same, good luck
first post!

hey hey this is my first post!! haha

anyway, i was running 23.11 drivers on my gf2 gts. i kept getting a "the device driver has encountered an infinite loop" error, or something to that extend--many times after rebooting or startup.

i "downgraded" to 21.83 drivers last night, and things are working like a charm. i found this fix in the geforceFAQ (www.geforcefaq.com).

so anyway, try changing to 23.11. i really think it'll work... if it doesn't let me know... it's all about trial and error anyway, right?

hope i helped,
OMFG!! so ghey!!! an M$ game freezing on an M$ OS with M$ optimized drivers? ugh, is M$ turning into a bad guy again?

Thanks, Orion, but you have me confused. If 23.11 caused you such problems, what would I gain by switching to it? I'm glad 21.83 works for you, but for me it's a disaster. My computer has crashed again, and this time it's 'fatal error' within 30 seconds of starting up FS2002.
ya might try upgrading to the 22.50 beta drivers, they work perfect for me and fixed a few problems also if you are using a via board make sure you have the new via 4in1 installed

Well, therein pretty much lies your answer. Just because you had problems with 21.83, it worked like a charm for me. And just because I kept getting the bsod with 23.11, it might work just fine for you.

I'm starting to forget all the numbers by this point...haha

The way I see it, the same drivers aren't going to be problematic for everyone--it has has to do with what hardware you're running.

Try it, you have nothing to lose.


ps... Qumahlin, i have the 686b southbridge chip by VIA, when i installed the 4-in-1 fix it did nothing for me. I was getting a weird frame-rate dip, and I attributed it to my memory speed. Once i changed from pc1800 to pc2100 ddr-sdram, all my frame rate drops stopped. That aside, I'm just saying via's 4-in-1 was pretty much useless :)
I have a GForce 2 pro and have had many Problems with the detonators since the 22.50s...the 22.50 seem to work best for open gl games and everything seems to be smooth now no more lock ups "Newer is not always better" try the 22.50s i bet they work fine:p
Try This .....
Modify auto-reboot setting

Since Microsoft has worked so hard to make this version "the most stable ever," then this tweak is not needed. However, I am fairly sure that they have not perfected millions of lines of code in less than a year. Below you will discover how to turn the auto reboot feature on and off. This allows your computer to instantly reboot upon a system fault. (The blue screen)

Start Regedit. (start/run/type "regedit" click ok)

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > CrashControl
Select AutoReboot from the list on the right.
Right on it and select Modify.
Change the value to 0 to disable and 1 to enable.
Reboot your computer

This will atleast give you the error.... It will still re-boot but it will still show you what the problem is....

The issue isn't the game and OS, it's the video driver. Try 12.41, 21.83, 22.50 and 23.11. One of those four should work fine for nvidia cards. I've had issues with 12.41 under Quake3 with a TNT, but other than that I've had no problems.

Oh, and those "error reports" for which you're waiting for replies? MS does not go through and help you with them. It's a database of error information, that's all. You don't need to send any of that crap.
With the native XP drivers my system ran fine but had twinveiw and opengl removed.
After installing Nvidias drivers (23.11) I had regular crashes with the BSOD. I then downloaded drivers directly form Abit, the cards manufactures, but the problem was still there.

I sent them an e-mail stating the problem and I just received a reply (finally) from them and they suggested I update the bios for the card then re-install their drivers, not the detonator ones.

I have done so and all seems well so far, but Ive only had the computer back on for about half an hour, so who knows when the dreaded BSOD might show up?

Ive looked at the files in their drivers package and the version they are using for XP is 21.83.

If my system remains stable then I dont think Ill bother with updates from Nvidia again.

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